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Andrew Moreno's Biography

Andrew Moreno began his poker journey at 19 and started out playing $3 home game tournaments back in Indiana. At first, he was fascinated by Texas Hold'em and how his opponents could tell what he was holding despite not being able to see his cards. This fascination prompted him to begin working on his game and he started playing online poker.

Andrew started out playing Sit & Go tournaments online and quickly developed a solid strategy for the game. He quickly racked up over $15,000 in earnings playing Sit & Gos and that early success fueled a passion that would eventually land him in the Mecca of the gambling world.

In 2006, Andrew moved out to Las Vegas and began grinding low stake cash games with varying success. A meeting with a Swedish online pro in 2009 would change the course of his career. The pair became best friends and Andrew learned how to properly play NL Hold'em through his friend's coaching. Since that time, Andrew has been one of the biggest winners in Las Vegas in the $2-$5 and $5-$10 NL cash games.

Andrew's success extends beyond the cash game arena as he has also enjoyed success in live poker tournaments. He presently has over $354,753 in live earnings, including a victory in a preliminary event during last summer's Deep Stack Extravaganza in Vegas.

This fall, keep an eye out for Andrew on ESPN television as he recently went deep in the 2015 WSOP Main Event. He ultimately finished 28th, earning $211,821. This was the second time Andrew has went deep in the Main Event. In 2012, he finished 177th in the Main Event.

Andrew admits that his primary focus is cash games and that he only plays 10 to 20 tournaments in a year. Presently, you will find him dominating the $5-$10 NL games in San Diego and Los Angeles. When he does play tournaments, they're usually high value tournaments that he calls a nice change of pace from the cash game grind.

Ivey League will now benefit from Andrew's vast array of poker knowledge both in cash games and in tournament play. His videos will focus on live poker play, specifically mid stakes. Andrew plans to teach players how to beat mid stake cash games and how to avoid common mistakes that derail live pros.

When asked about his goals at Ivey League, Andrew stated that he wanted to give back to the poker community. As he explained, "I wouldn't be here if it weren't for a poker mentor I had early on. My goal is to be that for other players."

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