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An aggressive midstakes player known for identifying mandatory barrel spots.

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Dan Flower's Biography

Dan Flower, aka grogheadflow, was introduced to poker the way that many have been over the last decade, through television. After watching poker on TV, he took his shot online at $5 sit-and-go tournaments. While he put in the time and volume, he was no better than a break-even player. Soon he found online poker strategy forums and decided to transition to cash games.

Unlike many young poker pros, Dan actually completed his education at England's Sheffield University where he earned a degree in Computer Science. Upon graduating, Dan began a career as a computer programmer but soon decided to leave that field. Dan shared, "In the end I quit programming when I realized I had hit the peak of my earning power already. I wanted something with unlimited earning potential."

From that point, Dan began to improve his game and has progressed to middle stakes NL Hold'em. Dan is always working on improving his game and his style involves a "learn by practice" approach. According to Dan, "You have practice by moving up, by playing the best players. Sure, you might expect to lose initially before learning and adapting. But I am very confident in my own ability to learn by practice."

Dan's primary focus in poker had been at deep-stacked $2-$4 NL Hold'em but he's now focused on Zoom six-max. He primarily plays $2/$5 but occasionally at $1/$2 and $5/$10. Dan's results really began to turn around at the beginning of 2013 when he began to focus more on the mental aspect of poker.

When not playing poker, he is a superfan of Hull City FC of the English Premier League. He holds season tickets for the squad and regularly attends games. In addition, he regularly plays soccer with friends. Dan is also well versed in global politics.

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