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Dan is a mid to high stakes online cash game player who focuses on math based range analysis.

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Dan Myers's Biography

Dan Myers, aka Irishman07, began playing poker as a youth. His family introduced him to games such as Five Card Draw and Seven Card Stud, but it wasn't until college that he learned Texas Hold'em.

Dan attended the University of Notre Dame where he graduated with a degree in Finance. While there, some college buddies introduced him to Texas Hold'em and he was instantly hooked on the strategy behind the game. At first, Dan read all he could on the game and in time he started playing online poker.

In the early days of online poker many sites gave players free money just to sign up. Dan took advantage of one of those deals and started with a simple $10 bankroll. He quickly lost that money but found himself in love with poker. He loved the fast pace of the game and the fact he could play on his own schedule. Dan tried again and deposited $50 online and from there was successful in building a bankroll.

While attending college, he played five to ten hours a week online and earned enough to cover his everyday expenses at college. Upon graduating from college, he realized that his hourly rate playing poker was better than he could make working a full-time entry level job. He decided to turn pro and never looked back. Online poker provided him with the freedom to set his own schedule and live life on his own terms.

Dan's did have some struggles in his early poker career. His biggest problem was bankroll management. Dan tried to move up in stakes without a sufficient cushion and regularly had to rebuild. His game began to improve once he started to frequent online forums and training sites. Those sites helped him become more comfortable with his play and allowed him to really open up his game.

Dan currently focuses on $5/$10 but occasionally plays at $10/$20. He also considers himself more of a bankroll nit. With a tighter rain on his bankroll, Dan estimates that he has won over $1 million in online poker. While Dan is primarily a cash game player, he does play the occasional live tournament. This past summer he cashed in the 2013 WSOP Main Event.

Outside of poker, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and traveling together. In 2012 alone they spent time in 11 different countries. Dan is also a big sport fan, especially of Notre Dame football.

Dan is heavily involved in coaching and has agreed to join the coaching team at Ivey League. Dan knows that everyone learns differently and he will be providing a wide variety of video content geared towards various styles of learning.

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