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Daniel Schneider, aka TribunCaesar, has been a force in online Hold'em and PLO cash games since the early years of the Poker Boom. Daniel brings his broad range of expertise to Ivey League to help players learn how to win at poker.

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Daniel Schneider's Biography

Daniel was introduced to the game back in 2007 and got his feet wet playing in home games. Soon afterwards, he turned to online poker playing both cash games and tournaments. He admitted that he lacked a proper strategy when he first started and he saw wild bankroll fluctuations.

A few months later, he started working on his game and applying strategy to NL10 at partypoker. He started crushing the game and moved up to NL20. From that point, Daniel started using conservative bankroll management and wouldn't move up in limits until he had at least 100 buy-ins.

By 2008, he officially turned pro and started playing as high as NL2,000. For years, he focused on short-handed NL and full ring NL from NL400 to NL2,000. During his formative years, Daniel used a variety of resources to improve his game. He started out by reading books on poker such as Harrington on Hold'em. Later, he primarily used hand evaluation to improve his game.

Three years ago, Daniel started to change up his game and started playing PL Omaha both heads-up and in six-max format. He also changed up his NL game, switching exclusively to heads-up play. Daniel currently plays up to $1,000 PLO and up to NL1,000 heads-up NL Hold'em.

Daniel took up coaching due to his passion for learning and teaching others. Before coming to poker, he spent three years teaching English to young children. After transitioning to poker, it wasn't long before he found himself wanting to help others become better at poker.

Over the years, Daniel has produced videos, written advanced hand analysis and provided individual coaching through some of the largest online poker training sites in the world. He admits that coaching others and evaluating their hand histories helps him stay sharp in his own game.

Daniel plans to bring his joy of teaching to Ivey League in order to help others improve their game with a heavy focus on PL Omaha. He plans to produce content for all experience levels in PLO. Other potential video topics include contributing factors that influence one's game, such as lifestyle, nutrition, stress management and more.

Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge in both PL Omaha and NL Hold'em to Ivey League. If you are ready to become a serious Omaha player, join him at Ivey League.

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