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Short handed cash game player with incredible hair.

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Denny Man's Biography

Denny Man, aka The_End, was first introduced to poker during the poker boom. While still a student in high school and unable to play online, Denny began to work on his game through freeroll poker tournaments online. Eventually he won $15 in a freeroll but quickly lost that playing $5NL.

Denny went back to the freerolls and won $5. He took that $5 and played two $2.20 sit-and-gos, winning both. From that point, Denny continued to build his bankroll and never looked back.

After high school, Denny went to college where he earned a degree in Econometrics and Operations Research. During his early college years, he regularly grinded away at $3/$6 and $5/$10 NL. By the time that he graduated, he was playing as high as $5,000 NL.

Denny's game really began to improve after joining a Dutch poker forum. There he was able to connect with other experienced players and was able to regularly discuss strategy with them and gain insight on how to improve his own play. In addition, he drew inspiration from friends who were finding success and this provided extra motivation to improve his game.

Denny is one of the rare pros who was able to find the proper balance between playing poker and earning a college degree. He admitted that finding a balance in life was difficult. While in college, Denny commented that, "It's very tough to stay focused on your study when you can make so much money with poker. My roommates keep me from being in my room all day long.”

Denny continues to juggle a busy schedule. He is currently working on a Master's degree in Quantitative Finance and is grinding away at midstakes with the goal of returning to $5,000 NL action in the future. Denny will serve as a coach for Ivey League with the hopes of helping others move up the cash game ranks.

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