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Short handed cash game player who has adopted a GTO approach.

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Drew Layton's Biography

Drew Layton first took up poker in 2003 during his freshman year of college. According to Drew, "Moneymaker had just won the World Series of Poker and all these cool cats were on TV wearing shades and drinking Heinekens. They pretty much looked like gods."

For the first couple of years, Drew stuck mostly to low-stake home games. In 2005, he decided to take the plunge online and deposited $50. Within six months, he moved from .25/.50 NLH to 1/2 NLH. He admitted that early on he wasn't that good but found success because games were so soft online.

During his developmental years, Drew spent a lot of time watching training videos and at forums such as TwoPlusTwo to work on his game. He admits that one of the biggest challenges in becoming a better player is finding the proper motivation to stay ahead of a game that is constantly evolving.

Just recently, Drew has come to the realization that, "this is the source of my livelihood and I need to take it seriously." As such, Drew has become more focused on refining his game.

Drew does more math-based analysis of his game and focuses more on game theory than in the past. Since adding more math analysis to his game, Drew believes that his is a much stronger player and has seen his results improve dramatically.

Something else that will come in hand is his recent degree in Psychology. Drew dropped in and out of school for a time, but dedicated himself to his studies in 2011. He recently graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Houston

In the past, Drew has played as high 400 NL but now primarily focuses on 100 NL. His goal is to move back up to 200 NL once his bankroll allows it. Outside of poker, Drew has several hobbies including hiking, video games, and playing the guitar.

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