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Joe Allis, aka golfdish, is one of the most prolific Zoom Poker players in the game today. With solid results dating back to the early days of Rush Poker on Full Tilt, he brings his expertise in this fast-paced variant to Ivey League.

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Joe Allis's Biography

Joe was first introduced to poker back in 2007 and cut his teeth playing low stakes with high school buddies. In 2008, he started to attend university and soon joined the university poker club. Later that year he transitioned to online play. Being a college student and not owning a credit card, he started playing freerolls to build up a small bankroll of $10.

Joe said that he had to be very careful with bankroll management in his early online poker days as his small bankroll was his "only chance" of making a run. He admitted that he had a bit of luck early on and began to build his bankroll. From that point, he has never looked back and has never had to deposit funds online.

Joe soon realized that study is an important component to growing his game and soon he began to watch training videos, talking with friends regarding strategy and participating in strategy forums. Originally, Joe began his career splitting his time between tournaments and cash games and steadily moved up in stakes.

In 2010, Full Tilt Poker introduced Rush Poker and Joe's life as a poker player would change. He loved the speed of the game and that he could play many more hands per hour than in a typical cash game. In time, he was one of the biggest winners at $400 NL Rush.

After Black Friday, Joe transitioned over to PokerStars and became an expert at Zoom Poker. He now plays Zoom almost exclusively, focusing on $200 Zoom and $500 Zoom. Joe admits that he has a love-hate relationship with tournaments and despite enjoying some success in the past, including final tabling the Sunday Million in 2013, he only plays them sporadically.

Joe transitioned into coaching in 2014 because it was a way for him to utilize his poker knowledge and it gave him a break from playing cash games. Early on, he found it difficult to juggle his playing and coaching duties but life has a funny way of changing things.

In October, Joe and his wife had their first child and his overall focus changed. Now, coaching is a better fit into his overall lifestyle and gives him plenty of time to focus on his family. His life changes ultimately landed him with Ivey League. His goal is to produce high quality training content and help players develop new insight into poker, specifically Zoom Poker.

Joe's videos will heavily focus on Zoom Poker. He told us that he intends "to show a balanced approach which exploits general tendencies of regulars in Zoom games. This comes from a thorough understanding of ranges and common spots where regulars call or fold too much." Joe believes that his training will be of greatest benefit to those that have a generally strong poker game and that isn't reliant on table selection.

Zoom Poker is one of the most dynamic forms of poker in the world, great for those that love fast-paced action. It is also a game that demands tremendous focus and a world-class skill set to become a top player. Joe can help you develop the skills you need to succeed at Ivey League.

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