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Chess boss hoping to use his expertise in gaming to teach specific aspects of poker.

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Greg Shahade's Biography

Greg Shahade, aka curtains, is a chess master who uses his expertise in games to play poker. Greg is an FIDE International Master of chess and has a current rating of 2476. Greg was a three time National Scholastic Chess Champion and recipient of the Stamford Fellowship. Greg also has one Grandmaster Norm.

While it may seem odd to come to poker from chess, many players find the ability to earn in poker hard to resist. Greg was first introduced to the game just prior to the poker boom. His friends regularly frequented the underground card rooms of New York and he eventually joined them.

Like many players pre-boom, Greg first picked up fixed limit Texas Hold'em. Once online poker began to take off, Greg found his niche in multi-table tournaments. In time he switched to sit-and-go tournaments and finally he moved to NL cash games. Greg prefers short sessions when playing poker and admits that he has played no more than three hours a day in the last four to five years.

Greg says that his poker mentality has become part of his chess game. He admits, “I look at a lot of chess games in terms of EV and think about all kinds of poker terms while playing. I only care about winning and nothing else. I don’t care how my moves look as long as I win in the end. I don’t care if it’s on the clock, or if it’s because I set some silly desperate trap. I think poker has given me this kind of extreme results-focused mentality.”

While Greg has dedicated a sizable amount of time to poker, his first love remains chess. He founded the United States Chess League in 2006, currently the only nation-wide chess league in the US. Greg also serves as an instructor for US Chess School where he trains some of the country's top young chess players.

Greg now brings his expertise in both chess and poker to Ivey League. His primary focus will be to help beginning players improve their game and become winning poker players.

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