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Full ring instructor with incredible work ethic and consistency.

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Jared Bartlett's Biography

Jared Bartlett, aka RikaKazak, started with low expectations when he first started playing online poker. In 2002 he deposited $50 online and purchased a copy of "The Winner's Guide to Limit Hold'em" by Ken Warren. Completely expecting to lose his small deposit, he sat down to a $.50/$1.00 fixed limit Hold'em game and won $9 in his session. While that may seem a paltry sum to win, it was enough to get him addicted to the game.

Amazingly, Jared never lost his initial investment despite being a complete newbie to the game. He continued to work on his game and by the end of his first year at Gonzaga University in 2004, he had earned over $80,000 playing poker. This was enough to convince him to give up college for poker.

Jared's decision to leave Gonzaga would not have been considered +EV by some. He had a full scholarship to attend the University and was giving it up for a still untested profession. As a safety net, Jared took $30,000 of his bankroll and set it aside in the event he was unable to succeed as a pro player. His bold decision would pay off, however, as he has earned at least $100,000 a year since turning pro in 2004.

After turning pro, Jared initially focused on six-max games at $5/$10 NL. In 2011 he made an unusual switch and began to play full-ring games. He is now a regular player from $1/$2 to $5/$10 online. Jared can also be found playing in live games when visiting Las Vegas. When playing live he focuses on $10/$20 and $25/$50 NL because he considers live action to be extremely soft.

While Jared focuses primarily on cash games, he does have some live tournament success. In 2007, he took down a $1,000 event at the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond world Poker Classic. That victory earned him $31,295. He also took down a NL Hold'em event at the 2008 Summer Poker Rodeo for another $18,118.

Jared now joins Ivey League and hopes to help players to move up in stakes. He was fortunate enough to pick up a coach early on in his poker career which he deems vital to his success on the felt. He now hopes to have that same impact on players through Ivey League.

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