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Paul Otto aka "Internet" is one of the most recognizable names in online poker coaching. Starting out as a play money grinder on Ongame, Otto transitioned to real money and began to rise in popularity thanks to his contributions on 2+2 Forums and other sites. Later he would transition into poker coaching and his GTO style of coaching has produced many successful online players. He now brings his skill to Ivey League in hopes of helping students improve their game.

Unlike many modern day professionals, Paul proudly admits that he got his start in online poker at the play money tables at Ongame. A friend of his sent him a link to signup at the site and he started playing at the "raise-or-fold" limit tables. After cutting his teeth in the play money games, he made his first deposit and began playing .15-.30 Limit Hold'em.

In time, Paul moved up in stakes and also started learning No-Limit Hold'em. By 2010, he was in the top 10 earners on the Ongame Network. Currently, Paul can still be found on Ongame as well as 888, PokerStars.FR and Microgaming. His primary focus is 6-Max NL cash games, primarily at $1,000 NL. You will frequently find him playing heads-up as a "table starter" in these games.

Paul admits that his transition into poker coaching was very gradual. Initially, he started as purely a commentator on sites such as 2+2 Forums and over time other players started asking for his contact information and whether he offered coaching. Paul admitted, "At first I didn't even charge, I was just happy to talk about the game." Once he decided to become a regular coach, he has quickly risen to become one of the most respected coaches in the game.

Paul now brings his years of experience to Ivey League. When asked about his coaching style, he shared, "I try to teach a fundamentally strong style without using the terms "depends" or "sometimes". At every point there is exactly one correct play, very rarely do two lines have the same EV.

We rarely know which move is best, but I believe I have a good framework for decision-making. I aim for the best possible GTO-approximation. This style I feel most comfortable coaching, because it won't change. All exploitive plays live only in the moment, GTO lives eternally."

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