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The son of two poker professionals.

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Richard Sheils's Biography

Richard Sheils, aka g-i-n-g-e37, learned how to play poker before most kids knew how to read. He started playing the game at the age of three and has grown up around the game. The reason for this is that his entire family at one point or another has been professional poker players.

Richard's parents (Matthew and Michelle) have both appeared on TV playing in poker tournaments and his brother Brandon is also a successful pro player. While there was a strong poker influence in his family, Richard decided to go to University to try to get a "normal job."

After graduating from college, he started his working career and quickly discovered what the rest of his family already know - there was much more money to be made in poker. As such, Richard started taking the game much more seriously around the end of 2015 and has never looked back.

Already having some experience in the game, Richard started out playing $100 NL Zoom but was just managing to break even. He then began to be coached by some of the greatest cash game players in the game and they helped him to become a consistent high bb/100 winner in $100 and $200 Zoom.

Richard claims that he doesn't take tournaments that seriously, but he still has live career earnings of $124,667. In early 2015, he won a New Year Deepstack event at Dusk Til Dawn Casino in Nottingham for $40,498. Later that year, he made the final table of the €1,650 NL Monster Stack at the WSOP Europe, finishing 8th for $23,480.

Nowadays, Richard is focusing on $100 and $200 Zoom and working on moving up to $500 Zoom. He plans to focus less on tournaments online and exclusively on cash games.

With Ivey League, Richard will be providing content focusing on $50 Zoom and $100 Zoom. Depending on player requests in the future, he may expand those offerings. When asked what his goals were for coaching with Ivey League, he told us that he would "like to help more people see poker as a career or a way of making more money on the side."

Having grown up in a family of poker pros, Richard has experienced the ups and downs associated with the game and has the experience necessary to help you improve you game. If you are looking to improve your game or maybe even take the next step and make poker a career, consider signing up for Ivey League. Our coaches will give you the tools necessary to become a better player and maybe even help you start a "career" in the game.

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