Gauging the interest for mixed games skype-group

Hi, i have a deep interest for mixed games. I am currently working with Cris Wallace wich is a fantastic coach for theese games. Ive also had lessons from Phil Shaw. I am interested in starting a skype group where we can discuss hands from all kinds of games. I have a special interst in 8-game. I want to help people get started, as well as improve my own and others game by talking trough hands. I play 1-2 and 2-4 on stars now, but my plans is of course to climb my way up there. If someone want to help me out how we can get started with a skype-group, who has experience from this earlier i would be really thankful.

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PM me with skype-name if interested:)
I could for example hire coaches on our group from time to time to help us with technical and mental game etc.