How much of bankroll to leave on ignition casino ?

My name is Tyler and I wanted to get some opinions on a money question. I currently play on the only major U.S. facing site Ignition Casino and have started to build what in my eyes is a significant bankroll. I have 12k on the site and am starting to dabble in 5/10 PLO and the occasional 10/20 game if it is juicy.

Question: In your opinion how much of said bankroll should I feel comfortable leaving on a site like ignition casino? I would prefer to leave most of it to do away with the hassle of reloads and what not but I am a little worried about the site getting shut down by the DOJ or something similar happening. Any advice?

Thanks in advance to all who reply.

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I'd leave as little as possible on. In my case Ignition covers WU fees and there's a WU 3 minutes from my house. That's why I keep a TINY bit on...I'd way rather have to go reload then to risk BF part 2....return of the DOJ.