Libratus bot and the future of online poker


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Bots have always been a big problem in online poker (if they're not taken seriously). Anyone remember the WSEX days?

I think it comes down to site security. As long as online poker sites take fighting against bots seriously, online poker will be fine. It's only when a site cares more about this year's profits and doesn't keep the integrity of the game that we'll have major issues (in my opinion, but I could be wrong).
Plus one thing to consider is, hold'em doesn't have to stay the most popular form of poker. Back in the day, EVERYONE played limit hold'em cash and NL hold'em ONLY during mtts. Now obviously nlhe 6m is the most popular game online. (no one played short handed back in 2004 etc, let alone nlhe cash).

There's no reason imo that a different game (maybe one that isn't even invented yet) could take the place of hold'em if bots become too big of deal. People love to gamble (it's fun, it's exciting, it's addicting)..and I think there will always be a place for player vs. player (as opposed to player vs. house like blackjack) somewhere with some type of card game online.
I didn't know that site security can prevent from using bots. I thought they can be used on the same terms as the tracking software is being used. This is good news for me as a game designer, because one of my projects uses online poker and I would really like to see it working one day. Besides, even though I don't play online anymore, I don't want to see poker dying. I'll keep my fingers crossed, somehow I still feel connected.
Wait, so there are people out there who have automated bots on sites just raking in money? How do I get some lol.
Good thing about this whole bot thing is that in the near future we can expect great arcade poker games which are based on NLH (on consoles, PCs, mobile). I'm very happy about it because I still play video games quite often.
Another positive aspect is that a challenge BOT VS BOT could happen and this one might be interesting or maybe even spectacular.