Phil Ivey Wins LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge at 2014 Aussie Millions

Phil Ivey earned the biggest live tournament win of his professional career on Monday, February 10, when he took down the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge at 2014 Aussie Millions, cashing for $4 million AU (about $3,577,200 USD). Ivey won the event on the basis of only a single buy-in, overcoming opponents who had bought in repeatedly, a fact that sparked a small controversy over this deluxe tournament’s unlimited rebuys rule.

Day 2 of the LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge kicked off Monday in Melbourne with three Team Ivey Pros in contention: Phil Ivey, Dan Smith, and Patrik Antonius.

Phil started Day 2 with 622,000 chips and soon moved up to 1 million, but he was in seventh place as the final table started: holding a mere 976,000 chips against leader Isaac Haxton with 4.2 million. After many hands of inspired play Phil picked off a river bluff to surpass Haxton’s declining position, then took out Fabian Quoss to take over chip lead. But by the time Phil was heads-up with Haxton, the latter had reclaimed the top spot, jumping out to a huge lead early in the final pairing.

But Phil was able to gradually pull even, then established a dominant lead thereafter remaining in control. In the final hand, Haxton was down to about 15 big blinds and picked up :8s :7d in the big blind. Phil limped in with :Ah :6c and Haxton shoved from the big blind.

Phil made the easy call and was in good shape to win the title. The flop :Ad :Kh :9c put Phil in the lead, and Haxton needed running sevens, eights or straight cards to give him a double-up. Phil's win wouldn't have been complete without a sweat, and the turn fell the :7s. But the river was a harmless :3s, giving Phil the hand and the victory. Haxton took home AU$2.82 million.

Phil’s run for this prestigious title showed the poker world once again why he is considered the greatest player -- not just of our generation, but perhaps in history. The LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge is the final event at Aussie Millions and represents the largest tournament buy-in in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Well played sir!

VERY nice!
Well done Phil!

Should have been over much sooner. Ike H was super agg and spiked a gutshot on the river early on.

Thanks for the photo man!
Brilliant start to the year.. gg gl star bless ;)
Congrats on taking down the biggest cash win of your career.
If I ever win $4mill in a tournament, I think I'd build a giant fort out of $1 bills :D lol
Thanks guys for all your support