PS Final Table Replays (Cards-Up)

hey IveyLeague!

imho PokerStars replays are very undervalued. It's very entertaining and sometimes extremely funny to watch them. But these replays also have a lot of educational potential and value. Just think about it: you can watch best players winning in today games with their hole cards revealed!

So, you can watch these replays directly from your PS client, but there are a lot of disadvantages:

● these replays are starting not from the start (most of the time)
● you can't pause or rewind it
● you have no information about tournament payouts
● you have no information about player bounties (in PKO tournaments)
● replays are available for a limited amount of time in the client

but fortunately for us (poker players) there are good people who spend their time to record, edit and upload these replays on YouTube. There are couple of this type of channels on YouTube but i prefer and recommend this one: Series Player. the main reason i prefer it: this is the only channel with player bounties (at least in recently added videos) and payouts, plus it has some additional info in the end (like top50 finishers and tournament lobby screenshot with tournament ID).

in this topic, it'll be nice to hear your thoughts about replays in general and let's discuss the most interesting hands from specific replays. hopefully, author of this YouTube channel will upload weekly replays (Sunday Million, Super Tuesday, Thursday Thrill) on a regular basis and we will have what to discuss :D

PS. to get a better idea about what i'm talking about check out the replay of Thursday Thrill (Feb, 16th) -

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I've been watching PS replays for a long time now (especially those ones that are commentated on and have people's names/chip amounts/payouts)....they've been super valuable for me over the years.
i'm sure that they've been valuable on only for you :D imho commentated ones are more for entertainment purposes. but definitely it's way interesting and easier to watch something that is commentated.

$215 Sunday Million (Feb, 26th) Final Table Replay -

Final tablers:
● tha_winnah (Norway)
● djmib2 (Germany)
● KasparovAKs (Poland)
● #Naktro91 (United Kingdom)
● TheFan83 (Austria)
● PrtyPsux (Mexico)
● digopapel (Brazil)
● 4rebmun (Canada)
● FeaNoR4eG (Ukraine)

5,218 entries and $148,451.22 for the first place. And at least TheFan83, digopapel, 4rebmun and FeaNoR4eG are good players with some final tables in major tournaments (like SCOOP etc) under their belt. Also for FeaNoR4eG this Sunday Million Final Table wasn't the first one. He was there before at least 2 times, and if you'll count WCOOP Sunday Million SE than 3 times.
$1050 Thursday Thrill (Feb, 23rd) Final Table Replay -
437 entries and $39,279.20 for the first place

Final tablers:
● Gabrielmv96 (Brazil)
● MAE9690 (Germany)
● manuverd0n (United Kingdom)
● danistheking (Netherlands)
● OMGjonyctt (United Kingdom)
● BIack88 (Russia)
● Negriin (Argentina)
● zuckerman286 (Estonia)
● nilsef (Germany)
$215 Sunday Warm-Up (Feb, 26th) Final Table Replay -
1907 entries and $57,140.53 for the first place

Final tablers:
● IceFigure (Sweden)
● Carster (Canada)
● Hopeless4u (Germany)
● ArielBahia (Brazil)
● justinde101 (Netherlands)
● kofi89 (Uruguay)
● Cbart_05 (Canada)
● eiki0330 (Taiwan)

technically, PokerStars Pro Adi Agarwal (India) finished 9th but didn't reach the final table
$11 Sunday Storm (Feb, 26th) Final Table Replay -
28,970 entries and $30,146.61 for the first place

Final tablers:
● kcrommpz (Canada)
● DEN13011980 (Ukraine)
● Regis R69 (Brazil)
● W.Wolf 88 (Netherlands)
● 68del (Romania)
● VALDO1985 (United Kingdom)
● Otizhaj (Brazil)
● agasantul (Romania)
● mcgra_lad (Ireland)
$1050 Super Tuesday (Feb, 28th) Final Table Replay -
428 entries and $76,783.62 for the first place

Final tablers:
● predy1 (Slovakia)
● ImaLucSac (Canada)
● Junki84 (South Korea)
● El Braulin (Mexico)
● Mortan23 (Faroe Islands)
● RcknTheSbrbs (Costa Rica)
● imluckbox (Australia)
● laguna364 (Uruguay)
$1050 Thursday Thrill (Mar, 2nd) Final Table Replay -
510 entries and $45,205.69 for the first place

Final tablers:
● a$$ou (Canada)
● LAP1293 (United Kingdom)
● 7DonCool7 (Germany)
● MuckCallOK (Austria)
● flauschi16 (Austria)
● christos82k (Greece)
● reyals_rs (Brazil)
● MrGranen (Sweden)
● ModzillaPL (Canada)
$215 Sunday Million (Mar, 5th) Final Table Replay -
5,249 entries and $149,332.51 for the first place

Final tablers:
● ruthless848 (Canada)
● geob000 (Greece)
● kiely13 (United Kingdom)
● flipmm (Brazil)
● mentor1904 (Austria)
● lilachaa (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
● fergiecfc (United Kingdom)
● BARBARVSSA2 (Russia)
● tonyfellone (United Kingdom)
$1050 Super Tuesday (Mar, 7th) Final Table Replay -
355 entries and $64,962.38 for the first place

● Final tablers:

● Tomatee (Uruguay)
● Ashthegreat (United Kingdom)
● P0KERPR02.0 (Germany)
● M-Spot69 (Canada)
● elmerixx (Finland)
● Machadada RS (Brazil)
● SpaceyFCB (United Kingdom)
$215 Sunday Warm-Up (Mar, 5th) Final Table Replay -
1,938 entries and $58,070.04 for the first place

Final tablers:
● PESCANCO (Brazil)
● poker@luffyD (Latvia)
● wantme1234 (Poland)
● Vakio¤Ässä (Finland)
● grapedrink07 (Canada)
● suarez_BG (Bulgaria)
● GeoManousos (Romania)
● BalticMoose (Lithuania)
● (New Zealand)
$1050 Thursday Thrill (Mar, 9th) Final Table Replay -
433 entries and $38,987.48 for the first place

Final tablers:
● DeanoSupremo (United Kingdom)
● patitoo9 (Argentina)
● LadyDoDo91 (Switzerland)
● ericluccas88 (Brazil)
● Fiktenasch (Germany)
● Barrrii (Belgium)
● BillLewinsky (Netherlands)
● Aggro Santos (Mexico)
● TLO-Mek (Finland)
$215 Sunday Million (Mar, 12th) Final Table Replay -
5,107 entries and $153,203.20 for the first place

Final tablers:

● klinger63 (Denmark)
● 2outs 1river (Ukraine)
● solanj (Norway)
● GrekoGreg (Germany)
● BOOM_shark85 (United Kingdom)
● FishmeNL (Romania)
● Admiral19793 (Russia)
● FmoraesP (Brazil)
● Stubastian (Finland)

PS. also you can find WCOOP 2016 Main Event replay here -
$1050 Thursday Thrill (Mar, 16th) Final Table Replay -
442 entries and $39,448.32 for the first place

Final tablers:
● oski62 (Argentina)
● Tinas21 (Norway)
● n3xD (Canada)
● AATheLeach (Netherlands)
● Spider91_PL (Poland)
● rudisf (Poland)
● dartazzzz (Lithuania)
● OempaLoempah (Belgium)
● Sugammadex (Germany)
I've been watching the replay, and all the player is the top player who playing in different level

Domino Qiu QIu 99
$215 Sunday Million (Mar, 26th) Final Table Replay -
5,082 entries and $152,454.83 for the first place

Final tablers:
● jf slim777 (Canada)
● bubbleboybr (Brazil)
● guiq (Netherlands)
● Rhayadder (Romania)
● rounder3989 (Germany)
● kofi89 (Uruguay)
● Kheragon (Germany)
● CHRISCCC (United Kingdom)
● MedStudent91 (New Zealand)
3-in-1 update :D

$1050 Thursday Thrill (Mar, 30th) Final Table Replay -
470 entries and $41,947.19 for the first place
With these guys at the final table: Stella948 (Australia), Skrigepas (Denmark), Päffchen (Austria), Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands), 7jujuba7 (Brazil), WayneDaBang (Netherlands), bearsfan775 (Canada), robinho (Sweden), 7DonCool7 (Germany)

$1050 Super Tuesday (Mar, 28th) Final Table Replay -
375 entries and $68,622.12 for the first place
With these guys at the final table: AdvancedFear (United Kingdom), Erland (Denmark), gottogive (Canada), bauruzito (Brazil), MadsMP (Denmark), kelseth (Netherlands), Stivi Ger (Russia), ramminn (Iceland), antispeed (Lebanon)

and, finally, $215 11th Anniversary Sunday Million (Apr, 2nd) Final Table Replay -
55,835 entries and $1,093,204.63 for the first place
With these guys at the final table: v0nder (Belarus), Xavi666 (Panama), RTAPEX (Australia), gabito h261 (Colombia), NormyDozer (Australia), Mouzen (Sweden), TranBrothers (Vietnam), girafganger7 (Belgium), peter804 (United Kingdom)

PS. sorry for not posting regularly enough
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