Struggles in my poker game. Any help appreciated.

I'm fairly new to the game I've read a couple beginners books and watched hours of different videos on you tube before coming across this site. I've played in about 10 tournaments and have placed in 2 of them on bovada. I am not sure if this is luck or not because both times I hit on turn or river to win big pots and just played TAG the rest of the way. My style is mostly TAG i probably need to learn more about actually being TAG and how exactly I need to play because i can sometimes turn into a LAG player when i get into position or if i get committed to hands. Two of my biggest weakness is that I don't understand the mathematics of the game like equity, ICM, EV, ETC. and how to input that into my game, i am not much of math guy and don't know if thats a deal breaker or not. Also with playing TAG I tend to not be to focused on what is going on in the game if I don't have a good hand or I'm not in position, I don't really pick up on tendencies of my opponents as much and when I do try to sit and focus on the game I'm not really sure what to look for and if something is important or not. Thank you for taking your time to read!

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I'd recommend watching videos (tons of different pros have made all sorts of different videos that would be great to watch) reading books, and posting on forums.

All 3 of those things can be tremendously helpful to you in the beginning, and they don't cost very much.
Thank you!
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Thank you!

You're welcome ;)

I'd also recommend posting questions to videos you watch (when you legit have a question)...LOTS can be learned from interacting with video producers ;)

Welcome to IveyLeague you are in the right place! This is a great place to hone your skills and grow as a player. From the sounds of things, you are fairly new to poker. It's important to know this process of learning will be a lifelong journey. All of us that take on learning game will be on this journey for a lifetime. I love the game and this has made it easy to study and seek out new ideas about the game.

The best way for you to improve will be for you to put in a bunch of time playing. Make sure you are playing at a stake that is safe for your bankroll as you will be experiencing quite a lot of swings as you learn. Come to forum with specific questions and consume as much content as you possibly can. We are here for you!!
You have to take it step by step and begin with one of your weaknesses. YouTube or look for video's dealing with that specific problem and see how the pro's are handling the situation. One way that has worked for me is when the pro's explain what they are doing you try to understand the though process. For example you are having trouble picking up on player tendencies. The hands that you are not in focus on one player and see what he is doing when, try to put the story together. Does he always raise when there is a draw heavy board? When a scare card comes how does he react? When you are able to see his hand at showdown replay what he did and it will begin to paint a story of why or how he is playing. I made a small chart for myself with different identifiers and label my opponents when they showed. For example if there was a calling station it would be CS, if he always raised with A-rag in EP then I would notate that and so forth. You have to see what works for you and try to after you watch a video or multiple video's apply the concept when you are playing. That will begin to open up your understanding of the game tremendously. One coach told me to work on my reading skills log onto my poker site of choice and for 15 to 20 minutes a day just watch the table and try to figure out what is going on. I can tell you that it has help tremendously in having an understanding of what players are doing. I hope that helps some.