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I just wanted to put it out there in the forum for anyone who is playing Micro Stakes out there, like myself, that if you're considering coaching you should most definitely go with Vic. When you sign up with Vic he adds you to a Skype group filled with people who are at or around the same limits and skill levels to partake in discussions about a wide variety of things. He tries to keep it to basic stuff that is high frequency spots like opening and range analysis and such, which I took for granted when I was a losing player. Before I worked with Vic I was a -9BB/100 LOSING PLAYER. After about 10 sessions with Vic in which he gave me homework and things to study(Which I'll admit I didn't do much of or blew off completely at first) he would call me out on it in future sessions. He knew what he had asked me to do and improve on and when he was watching my sessions, which I recorded and we watched during our sessions, he'd say things like I know I told you to work on this why are you still making (this) mistake. Eventually it made me accountable for myself and I was only going to get better by putting forth the effort. I started studying every day, watching his videos and others that he recommended and I started improving very slowly. I moved my money to Bovada and played Zone which helped me specifically with Range Analysis and betting patterns because there was no table dynamics. After I started winning there I moved my bankroll back to Black Chip and started running HEM with his recommendation. Now that I have returned to BCP which I had a 75k hand database of losing, I improved my win-rate to around -4BB/100 overall, HOWEVER since my return I'm winning at almost 5BB/100 over 41k hands. No doubt in my mind that without Vics help I'd still be a losing player and anyone who is considering coaching should most definitely work with him at Micro levels.

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I also get coached by Vic, aka TheStudent here on iveyleague. I started out playing 5nl zoom, watching some vids here and there, without any real purpose behind it, just assumed I was gonna get better by passively watching.
I ran good and after a while I took shots at 25nl, but I didnt understand how fkn bad I actually was and lost a lot of my br. I got frustrated and decided I was really gonna improve and get better, so I contacted vic and explained my situation. A 7 session package would cost me almost half my br, but I still had enough to grind 10nl. I took the package and I havent regret it at all. After every session I understood more and more how awful I was at poker. I think its difficult to see your leeks and to know what to improve when you only play by yourself and dont get another perspective from someone who is better than you, at least so was the case for me.

But I started to get better and got insight on what I needed to improve and how to improve it. Even though I could and should have put in more work myself at times I started beating 10nl, took shots at 25nl, now im beating 25nl and soon gonna shot 50nl.
I feel like victor did an excellent job teaching, explaining etc. Without coaching I would have been so lost and wouldnt have any idea what I should start focus on improving and how to **** do it. I probably would have just quit after a while, cash out the rest of my br and gone on with my life. Also, through victor ive gotten to know other students from other countries that wants to get good at poker, which is fun and motivating.

If you are a microstakes player and really really really want to get better at poker, why wouldnt you take coaching? Unless you have it insane easy to take in new concepts and can play like a pro after watching 2 500nl zoom vids, there is really no reason to not take coaching IF you want to get better at poker faster. It worked for me and if I could do it, ofc anyone else could do it too. And I know for suuuuuure that I wouldnt be as good as I am today without coaching. The money you spend will pay back IF and only IF you put in the work yourself. Dont expect to take some sessions and then be ready to play mid stakes, there is no magic pill.

Also I know that victor is passionate about coaching and wants his students to improve. I dont know how many hours he has put in on coaching but I assume its 100+, so he has done it before and knows what he is doing.

So if you are ready to put in a lot of hard work to beat microstakes and care more about getting better than about the money you will spend on coaching, then take the coaching. Otherwise I wish you gl to beat it by yourself, im sure its possible but im also sure that I most likely couldnt have done it and if so it would have taken me a looong time and a lot of frustration.
I have taken 7 sessions with him. You will get significantly better at poker as a result. For me it was a jump from 1bb/100 to 4bb/100. I was at breakeven or 1bb/100 for a really long time and expected to just get better by playing but now i know that it is not how it works. He will fix a lot of leaks of yours and make you play many spots better. If you put in any volume you will notice difference yourself. Can recommend.
I sign every word the guys up here said!

i have a bad experience with coaching in the past and now i see the difference!

he is always there to help you or to answer at your question

he is very honest, and you immediatly notice that he like very much what he does!

this is important things that a coach should have, and i find very well to work with him!

and of course....if you want to study and work on your game, vic will be a very good investement!

sorry for my very bad enlgish guys!
I am very happy that we have Victor in our community and also a coach on Ivey League.
I have been with Victor since August 2014, and I have taken more than the 7 lesson package. I was an MTTer with some big mtt binks, but couldn't for the life of me beat the micros and this frustrated me. I look back now and realise just how crap I was.

It hasn't been an easy journey so far to say the least having almost quit in November, but I was determined and made the all important breakthrough in December at 10nl making 10bbs/100. The results speak for themselves, although obv got some sample size issues at 25nlz.

And this month at 25nl zoom.

Personally, the most valuable and rewarding thing that Victor taught me was 'how to study', and improve my game by myself besides the solid technical foundations.

It is very obvious that Victor takes great pride in his coaching and has a passion for it. He is a person that speaks directly and bluntly in a constructive manner when it needs to be said because he cares and wants you to improve, whilst also having a sense of humour (which I am still getting used to. Very hard to know when Europeans are joking when they are so serious 99% of the time. Aussies on the other hand are the other way around)
My only regret is that I hadn't met Victor earlier.
Hi guys, I am a player come from Hong Kong, I would like to write a review about how Victor coaching, in fact, I just took 2 session with him and now I will terminate my course for a moment, because of my english is not good, I feel hard to communicate in the session with my bad bad english.

But, in this 2 sessions, I totally agree myself that Victor is the one of the best micro stake coach in the industry, before the session start, he spend time to study my database to find my major leaks, then told me in my first session, It save so many session time and he point out everything that significant I need to avoid to do at FIRST priority, then he give me some homework that good fix those leaks (video, range reconstruction, mental side......)

I can feel a significant change when I 100% follow his advice, and feel more confident in some spot immediately.

If anyone who want to find a micro stake coach, Victor I HIGHLY recommend !!!!
Also one of Vic's students checking in. Just finished the 7 session package and as everyone has said previously, I'm really happy with the investment I made. I started out playing 10NLz and was breaking even over a large sample. The first session I had with Vic was great because he explained to me in plain English, and I quote, You are so **** bad. This enabled me to realise there was a lot of work to be done on my game.

The biggest thing I learnt from Vic and I think what's most important for people playing low micros to learn is the concept of range based thinking. Previously, I was playing 'ABC' poker and after a few sessions with Vic, my entire thought process about every single spot changed from thinking like Oh, I have top pair, I'm going to bet to me considering my range in the spot and how to play my range.

I'll also quickly say that a lot of people think the way to beat 10NL is to be exploitative exploitative exploitative. But Vic actually teaches you the fundamentals you need to know in order to develop your game to a level where you'll excel higher up. Having that fundamental knowledge of how you should be thinking about spots is way more important than 'learning how to beat a certain limit'. Obv you can deviate enough from this basis based on population tendencies which he also does a good job at outlining while maintaining the importance of the basics.

I'm now playing 25z and am quite confident in my edge over the population. If you're a low micro player and are serious about getting better, obv get coached by Vic. Most guys in my position don't have much money to pay for coaching and people always say you don't need coaching to beat micros but I think that's not necessarily true anymore these days especially if you've chosen Zoom as your main game. I payed US$270 for the coaching package and had about -$80 in my bank account after. lol. The point I'm trying to make is Vic should (IMO) charge a **** load more for his services and you're probably a fish if you are thinking about it and don't end up doing it.

Don't have much in the way of negative stuff to say really. Don't get coached by Vic if you're a little **** because he'll be hard on you - but obv that's what you should want and need if you ought to get better.
Wish i could afford him, saving money atm to try and purchase a 7session but saving money means no poker and thats a nightmare.

How good do you need to be for him to make you profitable? or does he go from 0 to hero also.
Vic is really a great poker coach as I know. At now I am reading an amazing book Poker by the Book by John Anhalt to learn more about micro-stakes. It has helped me a lot to improve my skill in poker. If i will face any problem then mostly I post them in forum to get solved. I will must follow the instructions of Vic. Thanks for the info.
What is most important is that you put in the right effort. The starting point doesn't really matter too much. Will ask my students if they can maybe help you better with your question based on their experience.
Originally Posted by Rezyuz_GG

How good do you need to be for him to make you profitable? or does he go from 0 to hero also.

Good question. Vic will be able to help most the guys who are playing 5-25NL improve (and prob higher). If you're literally just starting at 2NL, sure Vic will be able to teach you a bunch but a lot of that you can learn before getting coached so you can spend the sessions learning more important concepts.

So yeah I wouldn't say you have to know much at all but just be willing to learn and put the work in and you'll no doubt make it worthwhile.
I don't have to say much, because i had only one session with Victor. I'm newbie about poker theory and I didn't get serious study about poker. Before I just playing poker for fun (total fish, recreational) and didn't worry to much about theory. One day, realize, why losing money playing poker when you can win money of it. So I start reading book and articles, watching videos and etc... Then play and uses what i learned.

I ask my self, Do i need a coach? It's time to have a coaching session? The answer was yes. So I searched a coach every where in the internet and they're expensive, before i did sign up here in Ivey League. I saw thestudent rate/hour and watching his videos and read your reviews about him, become interested.

The session. He ask me 50.000 hands history and i sent to him before the session. We started the session, he told me this is your LEAKS. Omg! Nice, now I know what's leaking in my game. I'll never know this when I did not ask Victor to coach me. Now I have base to my game and that give me more confident to play.

I'm going to play more and do tons of hands. Follow what he told me to study to get better in poker. It is not enough to study on my own without a teacher to teach you things as they are .

When I reach 50.000 new hands. Of course I will not think two times to ask Victor to coach me again. I surprised it was 90 min session, I thought it was an hour for x value. I do not regret. I'm happy that I found coach Victor.

Next session you have to talk to me slowly and simple English because I don't understand well. You have different accent. But don't worry I catch everything what you told me to do. :D

I do recommend Victor if someone ask me a coach.

(My English is not good also, I wrote this in 2 hours XD)
Just had my first Session with Victor yesterday.

Ive bee struggling to get a solid game together to beat NL25 so i decided to give coaching a shot.
When we first talked on Skype Victor asked me to send him my HH which was only around 14k, but it didnt take 5 minutes until he pretty much told me that i was a maniac! :) I really had no Idea about How f****in loose i really was and after only 1 session and a bit of homework its all starting to make sense.

During our first session we were mainly concentrating on my Pre flop ranges and I have to say that that alone really gave me a much clearer picture of what direction i should be going with my game. I was taking notes during the session and Victor also sent me alot of useful stuff such as ranges to think about and apply, software to download and also a few tasks for homework.

Im very confident that Victors straight up (he says what he thinks) and clear way of simplifying poker terminology and scenarios is a winning formula to improve my and anyone else's game if the right amount of work is applied.

Also I would recommend taking the package with Victor because in addition he adds you to a skype group where his students and himself discuss hands and talk about poker. Cool additional feature IMO that Is definitely a really good way to discuss poker and get better at it specially if you dont have any decent poker players in your circle.

Really looking forward to the next sessions and results!

Here are my stats (6Max) by position and graph over 18k hands:



Can't wait for the After Victor version!
I will keep this brief.

I hired Victor as a coach because I know I need to expand my ranges. Despite being a winning player, I do not get involved in enough in hands and this is cutting a couple BB/100 off my winrate.

Victor is very specific in what I can improve upon (which is what I expected given his videos, and why I selected him.)

If you are seeking to improve your technical play by using poker metrics to refine your ranges I think Victor would be a good coach for you. I can tell he also takes coaching very seriously which (trust me I've had other coaches), is not always to case.

If you have a questionable work ethic regarding poker you should really reconsider... the work load is quite high but a very efficient investment if you are looking to improve rapidly. IF you have the time and effort you will be glad you hired him.

I will post a before and after graph after I have finished all my sessions with him.

I expect there to be a decent difference given I am planning on moving up fairly soon.
Vic is a great coach. Regardless of if you are a live 1-2 player or micro-stakes online player, Vic will help you improve your game. He is very good at breaking poker down and stressing the basics that most successful players adhere to. He is good at identifying a players weakness and attempting to turn it into a strength. Vic also has a lot of coaching/poker software that helps visualize the inner workings of the game. Vic also has quite a reasonable rate. If you are looking for an affordable coach, give Vic a try, and you will improve.
I have only just finished my first of what I believe will be many sessions with Victor.

Firstly for context, I am a losing player. A large losing player and although I thought I had some understanding of what I may be doing wrong, now I know I have HEAPS to work on. This is due to the thorough work that Victor puts into his sessions.

He asked for a export of my HM2 and quickly analyzed what I was doing wrong. From there, based im sure on my current skill level, he went through the basics on what I needed to improve on and rather than go from zero to hero, he even made suggestions on how I should gradually work up to certain new opening ranges etc which just shows his skill for teaching and understanding the best way for his students to get results.

Although somewhat embarrassing, I will post the following results from my small experience with 6max. This is essentially my starting point, and throughout the sessions I will edit this post with my progress. After the first session I have no doubt I will improve significantly, due to Victors fantastic coaching. Stay tuned.....



As promised, here is my review after the 7 sessions package with Victor

As already mentioned in my first review, i am very happy that i chose to go with Victor.

I have been playing poker for a few years with some pretty bad self destructive tendencies, like bluffing and barelling too much and that mostly led to insane tilt and horrible results at the tables and on my bankroll.
Mainly i made all these mistakes because i wasn't thinking about the hands and different spots the right way and wasn't adjusting to different players at all.
Victor is very good at discovering leaks in your game and at clarifying and giving you guidelines to improve and get rid of those leaks.

My main target for this coaching was to strengthen my poker fundamentals, to work on my ranges and overall game and to improve my range based thinking to be able to feel confident and to make sense to my decisions.
I am happy to say that i feel like I am accomplishing these goals and that i am now confident that i am beating NL25!

Victor in my opinion is the right choice if your looking for a coach that will provide you with the tools you need. Having that said, its also not an automatic transformation, you need to use all this knowledge, information
and software that u gather throughout the sessions and work on your game and get practice in as much as possible. If you do all that and follow the advice that Victor is giving you, its like a guarantee to start
making money at poker.

If you are thinking about hiring a coach that is: effective, easy to talk to, clear in his explanations.... honestly don't think twice, Victor is your man!

Obviously not a massive sample size, but here is the after graph for about 15k hands:

Very easy and understandable explanation helped me a lot, even from the first lesson, I am very sorry that I did not start earlier. + Very good videos understandable even for the Beginners
I was playing poker for a couple of years before getting coaching and the biggest regret I have was not getting it sooner. If you are playing poker with the hope of making money and playing microstakes, getting Victor as a coach is similar to getting Holdem Manager or Pokertracker. In my case, it pays for itself.

Victor is pretty straightfoward and quickly pointed me in the right direction to improve my winrate. I found the videos interesting but had difficulty applying all the concepts to my play. Victor took a look at my hands and really showed me what I could change to become better.

He is very professional, always on time and does not waste a minute of the 90 minutes his customers pay for. He also as a way of making his content clear and understandable.

If making money playing cards interests you and you feel you are stuck and the micros, I highly recommend Victor.

Poker player and high school teacher


Ive had 4 sessions with Vic and and am really enjoying it. The way he thoroughly takes apart different aspects of your game and tells you that you need to work on this and this is something that i was in desperate need of.... I was a winning nl25 player and turned to Victor cause all of my studying was basically watching videos and that`s it, but i knew that in order to really improve my game i need a coach who knows the game and is able to translate all the stats from my HEM etc etc( something that i was never good at myself:) .. not good with words either, but what i want to say is that he truly teaches you how to study the game, what to work on and what kind of different tools to use....
Right now im in nl50 and already making my first steps in nl100, so if you need a coach to help you get to nl100 and further , i think he ise the guy to turn to ;)

Lately I offer database analysis too and I find this a very effective way of coaching both for the student and for myself since I can do it when it suits me and don't need to wait for a student to show up etc. So how does it work?

You send me your database of the last 5 to 10k hands or so and I will prepare a document where I explain where you should improve your game. A few people did this now and did find it very effective too. I will spend 90 minutes on it and the costs are $60 like a regular coaching session. If you are interested please send me a pm.
I’ve had 7 coaching sessions with Victor so far. From the first session I could see that he was going to help me improve my game a heap.

He doesn’t miss anything, and systematically goes through your leaks and gives you advice and examples on how to get rid of them. I always walk away from a session knowing that if I follow the instructions and teachings given by Victor I will become a more solid player, fixing numerous leaks by the time we make it to the next session.

It’s obvious he has a very theory heavy approach to his own game, and he brings that to his coaching as well. Not only finding your leaks and showing you how to fix them, but giving you tricks and tips on how to do your own work away from the tables. This aspect of his coaching has been invaluable to me, as I’ve really struggled with studying the game in the past. And even though I’m still not the best at it, I know exactly how to approach it when I apply myself. Victor easily picks up on if you’ve slacked off on the study, which is good for me as I need that extra encouragement.

I’ve never felt I needed to question any of his teachings, as the logic he uses to back them up is spot on. After just one session your thought process and reasoning will have already improved drastically, and the more you work with Victor the more refined it gets.

Just by talking to him you can tell he works on his game a heap, and he had the same approach when he was playing at my level. He knows the 5NL game just as well as he knows his own limit, and I think by far he would be the best value coach out there, especially if you're just starting out.

I just can’t recommend him enough
sounds very profitable. new member here so i have to ask how does one inquire about such sessions?
Originally Posted by was22

sounds very profitable. new member here so i have to ask how does one inquire about such sessions?

You can send me a private message with your skype and I will add you there. Just click on my name and the rest should be obvious. Also by clicking on ''coaches'' at the top, clicking my profile you should be able to send me a message. Both ways work. I will also send you a private message with my skype so you can add me yourself.