$0,1/$0,2 AAop 3bet pot, disaster hand

5-man table. 150bb effective stack

V is a standard skill TAG.

V opens 3/4 pot from CO
I 3b pot from sb with AA
flop 689 rb, I bet 3/4 pot, V calls
turn K, I bet 3/4 pot V calls
river 3 no flushdraw, I go all in, V calls, I am beat by 7T

This is my analysis please correct me if you think I'm wrong. I am thinking the decision to bet on the flop is correct as CO has many draws on this flop. I can also get called by JJ, TT and worse pair. When the K comes on turn I could still bet for value, for the same reasons as on turn, however it would be dificult to get to showdown as no hand that I beat would call another bet on the river and if I check and V bluff I would be faced with a hard decision. Therefor I think it would be correct to check/call turn. I would say I am already in a dificult situation at this point and there is not really a good river for me. My intuition tells me I should check fold any river except perhaps an A or if the board pairs as I then beat any twopair? If V check turn I would check/call any river that doesn't give a 4-card straight.

Please comment I am greatful for all your input!

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First of all villain is not skill TAG because he's calling 3bets w T7(suited I guess). I would say he's a fish.
Secondly you played it perfectly. Big bets with valuehand.
Good job !
...and please please please, don't c/f river here, like NEVER.
I don't understand which hands would call if I bet every streat, I can only think of AK. Every other pair would be a really loose call would it not?
Yes, it would but at this level there are so many bad players that can talk themselves into calling with a lot of wors hands.
What worst hands would call the river here besides AK?
What was your 3Bet sizing Pre Flop?
KT KJ KQ both suited and unsuited
he might call TT-QQ if he thinks he can be bluffing
But going by Hero's description he is a TAG with skill. Are we thinking he is calling the cbet with KT- KQ and than stack off with this hand on this board?

What would Hero 3 bet with and than bluff on this board that TT- QQ beats? Hero would have to be super spewy to 3 barrell this with like AQ or AJ or something?
I think i would play passively after the TURN call, i would be 100% sure that he had set with 66 - 88 or 99, would never imagine a T7, this is a really connected board though, but would turn off the hand into the River easiy