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Playing a 120 man $105 buyin, live tourney, there is 30 left and top 12 get paid.
Blinds: SB- 1500 BB- 3000
Hero stack: 87,000
Villan Stack: 147,000
Hero position: BB
Villans position: SB

Before I begin the hand, I want to point out the history of the player and what Iv seen of him: The Villain had played very loose blind vs blind and we have played a lot of pots together and I had labelled him as a LAG with around a 40-50 hand sample (I was not involved in all pots, but had seen around 20-25% of his showdowns) and had seen him raise, get 3bet and then him 4bet shoving with K6 suited and the same with Q9 suited and he had won the pots preflop, so blind vs blind this is why I think he is much wider (despite the generally ranges with SB and BB etc).

So we begin the hand and it folds round to the Villain in the small blind who makes it 7000, I look at AQs of clubs and decide after thought to 3bet to 17500, now this is for me is the most questionable part in the hand, the average stack in the tourney is around 55000-60000 so shoving here seems too strong and i lose value from marginal hands which might call out of position if I
just 3bet and if i shove only stronger hands are almost always calling as he is committing almost is whole stack. My second logic is it looks like we are having a Blind vs Blind battle as he could be thinking that iIm going to take the blinds away from him with a marginal hand due to his table imagine, so if he 4bets, its mostly likely much a wider range. I was thinking calling and disgusting my hand but if i miss the flop and he bets, Im in a awkward spot.

He decides to flat call, which i do find strange but i do see a lot of 33+ , 10 9 suited, 8 9 suited , J 9 suited hands doing along with some K- X hands etc doing this despite being out of position. The flop comes 2 clubs, 3 clubs, 4 diamonds. There is 35000 in the pot and he bets 21000, now Im in a weird spot, despite having soooooo much equity e.g any 5, any Ace any Q, any club etc I cant call because i have 69500 behind before making this call and if I miss the turn and he bets, I have donated around just over 50% of my stack before having to fold. I cant fold as i have way too much equity here against any overpair (33 to JJ) i have around 50%-52% equity roughly. even if he has 65 suited, i can draw him dead when if hit a club. So with 51000 in the pot i decide to shove for effectively 69500 i think. He doesnt take too long to call and shows JJ with no club and the board runs out with him winning the pot.

I think I made the correct play here, I think I assumed his range quite well, obvious I didnt put him on JJ but i knew overpairs was making up at around half of his range here. Im just really trying to think is my 3 bet preflop was the correct play, considering no ICM considerations yet and against a LAG player, please share you're thoughts and Im open to any questions.



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