How to deal with a silly situation where villain may be freerolling a chop?

I have black Ax and the runout is KQJT with 2 diamonds. Villain leads turn and we can safely assume he has an Ace too.

Let's say the pot is $100 and villain leads for $50 and effective stacks are $1000.

Should we just flat here and hope for a non-diamond instead of raising because if V has diamonds then if we raise than he can reraise us and we'll be stacking off with him getting a freeroll for our whole stack while our payoff is just $50?

P.S. What happened was I popped him to $250, he went all in and I called. He had diamonds and luckily river missed him and we chopped but then I realized how stupid this was and hence this post.

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This is a much more common situation in PLO/PLO8 then it is in Hold'em, but sometimes it's correct to fold, and other times it's correct to flat.

In the situation you just mentioned, yes I would just flat and not raise. Not only does it prevent free rolling, but it can induce bluffs (he might put us on 2 pair/set trying to fill up and bluff river and bluff again on a blank river) it can also lead to value cutting (9x going for thin value hoping to get our 2pair/set to call) and other good things (like him ck/folding an ace if we bomb the river when the board pairs like Doyle Brunson in Super Systems talks about).