Live $2/$5: AK facing a flop checkraise 200BB deep

$1000 eff. V is a recreational LAG reg. Plays too many hands. Plays too many hands OOP. Plays too many hands in early positions. Flats too many 3bs OOP. All are interrelated of course. Seems to have a big ego. Likes to make moves and hero calls. Loves to talk strat at the table.

He's been opening a lot and I've been 3bing him a lot in position and of course he's frustrated. His response has been flatting my 3bs 100%.

6-handed, he opens UTG (MP2 6-handed) to $20, MP1 calls, I 3b to $80 in CO with A♣ K♦ and only V calls.

K♥ 6♠ 3♠ $187 He checks, I bet $125, he CRs to $325

For value I think he'd do this only with sets. For bluff I think he'd do this with 54s and a bunch of suited spade connectors such as 9♠ 8♠ and 7♠ 5♠ Maybe pair+FD like KQss or KJss. I have As so there should be less suited Aces in his range.So in other words I think it's either sets and a bunch of flush draws.

What should be our optimal line?

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I'm a full ring guy (not 6m), so I feel like others would be much better qualified to answer you on this hand.

Sounds like this being 6m and him being spazzy it'd be hard to fold, but 200 bbs deep and I don't know if that changes enough in 6m. In full ring, blind vs. blind I go with it, whereas EP vs. MP it's an easy fold.
i would call and go from there, no way you can fold with the description
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i would call and go from there, no way you can fold with the description

OK, what's your plan on turn though? Any turns you're folding?