Live $2/$5: Can We Find a Fold Here or Do we Have to Call Off?

$662 eff. UTG+1 opens to $20, recreational player calls in MP1, I 3-bet in BB to $80 with J♣ J♠, MP1 calls.

6♥ 8♥ 3♣ $187 I bet $120, MP1 calls
8♣ $427 I bet $200, MP1 shoves $462

Can we find a fold here?

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Do you think the recreational lose his stack with with TT, 99 knowing that you 3 bet from the BB (which screems strenght, I usually like to flat here), if you are betting 200 on the turn like this, you cannot fold here with out any history. I have played the 2-5 game and versus a reg it would be an easy fold, regs are not bluff/value shoving with the action you took
I fold as played vs. recs.