Live $2/$5: Weird preflop spot with KQo. Call/4bet or fold?

I open KQo UTG+1 to $25 over UTG fish's limp; TAG grinder on the aggro side who posted $5 behind the button (CO) 3-bets to $85. My read is that he sees this as good spot to defend his $5 in position. I've seen him 3-bet light in and out of position a number of times; it's something he does regularly. TAG grinder on the button very surprisingly flats, fish folds and it's on us.

Stacks: Me and CO $1500 each. Button $1000.

What should we do and why?

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Fold. KQo makes too many 2nd best hands.
Does your answer change if button wasn't in the picture?
A call or fold would be an optimal decision. He could be 3-betting with a large range of hands such as suited connectors, gapped connectors, suited A's and low pocket pairs due to his position and how often he is 3-betting. Due to this information, folding is fear of him having AK or AQ wouldn't be the best decision.