Live $5/$10: AA Linecheck

$1600 eff. MP1 opens to $40, I 3b in MP2 to $160 with A♥ A♦ HJ cold calls, MP1 calls.

Both Vs are tight.

Q♣ 6♠ 6♦ $495 Checks around
9♥ $495 MP1 checks, I bet $250, HJ calls, MP1 folds
3♠ $995 I shove $1190 and get instacalled by QQ

Where did I go wrong?

2 Responses to this post

Why did you check the flop?
Umm... The turn u should bet more...
Your half pot bet expands the caller range to drawers... But even a TJ wouldnt call ur pf 3 bet.
Unless you really expect him to have kK or AQ.
The turn bet too weak... Never bet the flop...