UTG raise, CO and BTN cold call, should I call with any two cards from BB?


So UTG raises 3/4 pot, CO and BTN cold call. SB fold, should I call from BB with any two cards?
I am assuming that I play post flop at least as good as or better than all of them. They are not nits.

My thoughts. The blinds are 0,5 + 1 = 1,5 UTG raises 2,87 CO, BTN and I cold call, the pot is now 11,98. Which means I got 1,87/11,98 pot odds roughly 15,6%. I put in some roughly estimated ranges in flopzillas Holdeq which gave me 12,5% equity with 72o against their ranges. With the UTG range at 32,5% equity. Does this mean I can't call with 72o? 72s on the other hand gave me 16% equity, would that be a good call as I only need to win 15,6% of the time?

Please give me your thoughts!

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Hey man,

I am no pro but I would not be calling with ATC here. Like if you are calling with 72o what are you hoping to hit ? 772 ? even if the flop comes 77x and you are ending up at the river you are probably losing.

You may hit a big pot every now and again but really you are just bleeding your chips away IMO.

Like if you were gonna play some random crap hand i would prefer to 3bet than just call.