Where to go next

I am very new.
I just learned Pot Odds, Card Odds, 2&4, and I am practicing math in general.
I have begun listening to videos with some more expanded concepts.

What 5 things would be best to set my mind on to enhance my play and strengthen my game?
Examples: Types of math/Math concepts, Situations to be aware of, basics of gameplay, Integral tactics to implement, etc

Any and all help is appreciated - Thanks!!

P.S. Great to be a part of Ivey League! Thanks Phil!

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It'd help to know if you're playing live vs. online and full ring, 6m or HU and cash or tournaments?

Once you answer those 3 questions I can point you in a much better direction ;)
Hey Rika,

I will mainly be playing live full ring cash games at the casino.
That is the only place right now where I can play.

I eventually want to play tournaments as well.

Thanks for the reply

- Joe
Topics to focus on would be how to do combinations. I'd recommend learning how to calculate equity/EV of lines by hand. I'd also learn how to keep accurate (and helpful) records. I'd work on live tells. (both by reading books and watching videos)

Those are some good topics/ideas to start with.
That should keep me busy for quite some time...

I'll be postin' here if I have questions!

Thanks again
I would recommend to use online poker as practise. U will improve much quicker that way. Just play the lowest limits, review hands, watch videos, make notes, and so on.
I live in Connecticut (USA).

Can I play online poker for real money here?
I thought it was only available in certain states
There are sites that accept people from Connecticut, most people wouldn't exactly define them as legal though ;) lol
fwiw, I live in Idaho, so don't really follow CT and its laws....so if you want legal advice, I'd recommend contacting a lawyer, there are sites that accept people from all states though, even states where playing online poker is 100% illegal (like washington state).
I'd like to focus on in person play anyway...I feel like I can spend a pretty good amount of time at the casino with my current schedule. This EV stuff is kind of tricky though...