$100 NL Zoom 6-Max (2 Tables)

Richard plays 2 tables of $1/$2 NL Zoom 6-Max while providing his thought process.

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Hi Ginge, love the videos.

At 4:30, you lead the turn with A high. This seems reasonable, but could you elucidate your reasoning? This was a strange hand for me since I don't defend A7o OOP, nor do I lead the turn with pseudo-air, nor do I always fold the river there (though you explained that part well).
thanks for all 26 minutes lol
Hey Richard,

At 12:40, you bet small with the 10-6 on the river to get value from 1 pair hands however with that specific board run out, you're open to get bluffed very easily because of your sizing. Would you think you could have played the river differently?