$500 SCOOP 6-Max Rebuy Part 7

As the field thins out & approaches the bubble, Jonathan takes table dynamics into account by discussing the metagame he has between himself and the other players.

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your vids awesome !!
Thanks man =)
At around ~26 mark you say all the reasons why you don't want to 3bet call off with 88 vs gotocashier. Then the fish flats and you 3bet with the intention of shoving a 4bet from gotocashier. The fact that the fish called doesn't change gotocashier's range on that spot. And wouldn't it make his range stronger if he 4bets? I don't get the change in logic just because fish calls off. Then when you talk about ranges you say the top of his range is JJ-1010/AQ which would some of the time 4bet. So the only hands that 4bet pre are QQ+/AK. Which would make our shove vs his 4bet bad right? Sorry I am confused as hell with preflop. Thanks.

Thanks for the question, I should have dwelled a little longer on why the fish button flat turns this into a 3-bet. Myself (and GoToCashier) are both looking at that button call as 'chips for the taking'. The combination of the button being a weak player combined with the fact that he has put in some 3-bets (with horribly small sizing) means this call is likely JJ at the best (although I think realistically from what we've seen it's more like 99), and maybe as weak as 56s. You are correct, GoToCashier's range doesn't change, he is no less likely to have a hand like QQ than he was before the fish flats, that being said, him and I both know that I am going to squeeze a heck of a lot more now that those 'soft chips' have entered the pot from the button flatter. In short, the pot has gotten a lot juicier for me, and I am quite likely to make this squeeze with a lot of hands that are not very strong. The comment about TT/JJ - AQ being the top of his range is referring to the button flatters range, not GoToCashier.
I really like your videos man, have learned a lot from them as i think one of my leaks in tournaments is that i don´t play aggressively enough towards the end.
It was an interesting hand at 18:23 when you held 99 and called GoToCashiers 6bet ship, is that always a slam dunk call in that situation? I understand that you had the aggressive dynamic, it´s a shorthanded tournament and his 6bet was to big but i think that i would have been afraid of two overcards and flipping for my tournament in that spot with the fish still left in the tournament, and i have position on him. Would like to here some more thoughts about that hand, once again, great video, keep 'em comin =)
Hey Swedishviking,

Glad to hear you've enjoyed the videos, thanks man.

Good question in regards to the 99, it is definitely an interesting hand. I certainly don't advocate trying to get 110bb+ in the pot pre flop with 99 in many situations. What makes this situation unique is the two different sizes GoToCa$hier employs in his 4-bet and his 6-bet, the stories don't match up. If I could see that I was in a flip situation, I would still call at this point with 17k dead money and 67k behind, but in my mind a flip is really the worst situation I'll be in.
After he went so small pre-flop with his cold 4-bet, he is representing a very polar range (not a lot of AQos type hands). AA, KK, and even QQ are all possibilities at this point. After he ships me so large for the 6 bet, when AA-QQ certainly put in another raise with these depths and this dynamic, it becomes clear he nearly always has some weak suited hand (most often A-xs) or the occasional small pocket pair.
The AK hand around 5 mins In pot is 18k he has 28k behind... all of our options kind of **** it might seem a bit transparent but I think you can just ship here. If we Cbet he is given the option to ship his straight draws and mid pocket pairs but if we shove he can easily find a fold with all of those hands since it is so close to the bubble. If our plan is to Cbet/call it off I think shoving flop is far superior.
I guess we still have KJ KQ in pretty bad shape but if we can ever get him to fold QJ 87 77 type hands it's a huge victory.