Beating Bovada Part 3

Chris plays 1 table of $0.10/$0.25 NL 6-Max on Bovada while focusing on developing reads and note taking.

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Thoughts on Bovada's Zone poker?
Any reason you didn't reload to max buy in when you got low in chips? Thanks, good series!
Will the notes on Bovada appear when you see the players again? Or is it only for this sitting?
i haven't played the Zone Poker on Bovada yet, but I liked Rush Poker on Full Tilt back in the day. Just play smart and tight and you will make money in those games usually.
Sometimes I reload, sometimes I think a table is better for having a short stack. At aggressive tables where I can get a short stack all-in over raises a lot, I don't mind playing short.
The notes only remain during that session. You will never know if a new player is someone you have played with before.
This video was not a good example on how to play J10, first off, he didnt consider a limp range, if you take all the limp ranges a person can have a 2 is surely in there, even a reraise indicated he had a two. They way he played was just so bad.
exacly,, i fold that ALL DAY LONG