Sunday $500 Part 1

After recently shipping the Sunday $500, Ivey Pros Griffin Benger and Josh Brikis review Griffin's final table play to beat out a field of over 800 players for a $74,430 payout!

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Good video guys, keep it up.
bonjour ... thanks for the videos ... at 3:30 you have 33 and minraise utg ... minraire is your standard here ? ... but the real interrogation for me is the fold ? everything seems obvious for you, not for me, you minraise, now he 3bet very small, from a theoric point of vue we can say that he's got few bluffs, but we know that, but again you minraise and if it is not your standerd his 3bet seems very calibrate to make you fold with a small but real possibility that he might fold a 4bet ... then you have almost 4 to 1 for calling and with the implied odds it look like it is not an obvious fold but an obvious call ??? we might even consider a 4bet pre no ? if he's got 10% bluffs it is a slightly profitable play ? ........... for me at least it is not an easy fold ... Griffin doesn t say a word about it so i suppose i am wrong ? ... if fact i hope i am.
where is your hud?
@msusyr24 The hud was off for the recording. I actually dont use one but Griff does.
@gdg I actually agree...I think I flat his 3bet and basically set mine w his stack size there. He is representing a really strong hand here so I think we have to fold any other flop. I didnt talk w Griff about this but I assume because he is short and we have such a weak hand that he would rather fold than get caught up thinking he has AK on a 925 flop or something.
Are you watching CS demos in the background? I heard the knife at 5:25.