WSOP HH Review Part 1

In this week's Undergraduate video, Phil provides his input on how Aaron played two key hands in a $1,500 NLHE event during the Series.

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Near the end of the video when you discuss how if aaron had raised on the turn he probably would have lost more money. One isn't that offset by the fact that he could have potentially knocked the villain off the hand repping a possible flush but also wouldn't he have lost roughly the same anyways because the villain would have been less likely to bet the river?
It’s always a learning experience to hear Phil Ivey give his thoughts on the process of thinking through a hand from start to finish; but by me not being a professional poker player, it is a little difficult to follow their train of thought just listening to them speak on different strategies with a written illustration.

I think that I would understand it much more if the instruction were illustrated on an actual poker table showing the actual cards in questions while giving their suggestions bases on seat positions in reference to the location of the button.

But just to clarify! I could be watching a blank screen only hearing Phil Ivey speak and be totally riveted to every word. Phil Ivey is truly one of the greatest (if not “the” greatest) poker player to every have sat down at a poker table.

Thank you for this valuable lesson..
Its poison ivey. He does not give his de

epest thoughts. Which I love about this blessed man, 10k he whips tiger woods ass hand to hand!
Yes the end of the video is to get you to think with two thoughts, instead of a one tracked mind.....poison ivey
On the second hand, the second 2 comes on the river and he bets 10k, his largest bet thus far. Why did Ivey instantly know that he would call, like it was a basic play? I personally wouldve thought about folding seeing how he put in weak bets as if all he hit on the flop and turn was a pair of 2's, so then the third came up he couldve completed his set and milked as much as possible based on the pot size.
Really think he was playing a hand with a 2? Maybe A 2 suited and that's it. If he was playing that, he would've made a bigger bet on the turn. With how small his bets were, I would doubt he had a 2 in his hand that whole hand.
Is this betting from the opponent not a bluff catcher? I would have folded on the river after he bet 10k. Could a jam on the turn from Aaron not have made a difference when the 3rd spade dropped?
If he planned on sticking around till the river he should have check-raised the turn and represented that flush.
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