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Akotic commented on: Live $2/$5: Weird preflop spot with KQo. Call/4bet or fold?
1 year ago
A call or fold would be an optimal decision. He could be 3-betting with a large range of hands such as suited connectors, gapped connectors, suited A's and low pocket pairs due to his position and how often he is 3-betting. Due to this information, folding is fear of him having AK or AQ wouldn't be the best decision.
Akotic commented on: $2/$5: $1300 Deep Top Pair + Flush Draw Linecheck
1 year ago
A call instead of a raise would have been a better option. He would have most likely made another bet on the turn even if another club came out. Then you could trap him. And if another club did not come on the turn, then you could reevaluate your next action from there.