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erazor9 commented on: $25 NL Fast Forward 6-Max
1 year ago
That AJo fold top right at 16:15 was mind blowing, its a spot that I definitely make mistakes. Thanks for that.

erazor9 commented on: $100 Zoom 6-Max Part 2
over 3 years ago
hey David great vid as always. I asked about this in one of your previous vids and you said to remind you later, in your next vid can you show what kind of stats you end up having when you play the style you recommend? i dont know if filtering for different stakes would make a difference (e.g. rake changing defending ranges in BB) but that might also be interesting.

personally i found that after watching your vids my flop cbet dropped a bit (40%) because i check call/check back weak TP type hands and dont just start betting with A high in some spots. do you think this could be an issue or is it something thats a result of a balanced approach?
erazor9 commented on: $100 Zoom 6-Max
over 3 years ago
Thanks David, looking forward to it!
erazor9 commented on: $100 Zoom 6-Max
over 3 years ago
Great video David! when you play the strategy you advocate in your vids what sort of stats do you end up having in terms of vpip/pfr/3bet/AF?