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grogheadflow commented on: $1/$2 NL Zoom (Real Time Session)
1 year ago
Dan explains his thoughts in real time as he battles on 2 tables of $200 NL 6-Max Zoom.
grogheadflow commented on: $100 NL Zoom (3 Tables)
1 year ago
David plays 3 tables of $100 NL 6-Max Zoom on Stars with a re-player while playing solid whilst taking a few spots.
grogheadflow commented on: Spew Session
1 year ago
Dan reviews a $200 NL Zoom session in HH Blitz format where he spewed off several buy-ins. He also covers dealing with a bad session and the importance of intuitive play.
grogheadflow commented on: Ranges and Intuition
1 year ago
Dan talks about structuring your range, the importance of intuition, critiquing your opponent's play and alternate lines.
grogheadflow commented on: Debut Video
1 year ago
Nice vid dude and welcome.
grogheadflow commented on: Zoom Hand History Blitz
over 2 years ago
Dan reviews 6-Max NL Zoom hands quickly while not spending more than 2 minutes on each hand! Topics include: 3-betting wide when deep, dissection of opponents' play and GTO vs common sense.
grogheadflow commented on: $500 NL Zoom ft. adam001 Part 3
over 2 years ago
Dan and Adam continue to review a 4 table $500 NL 6-Max Zoom session.
grogheadflow commented on: $500 NL Zoom ft. adam001 Part 2
over 2 years ago
Dan and Adam continue to engage in some hand by hand discussion of a recorded $500 NL 6-Max Zoom session, while exploring their contrasting styles and approaches.
grogheadflow commented on: new here and need some help
over 2 years ago
Remember to still have fun tho bro.
grogheadflow commented on: Folding trips on the river
over 2 years ago
There's a huge 'randomness' factor at lower stakes, not so much we can call down super light (because, for example, random opponents playing randomly sometimes have random weak value like weak top pairs) but don't make big folds for the most part.

Your flop missed the suits or which is obviously important as to whether flush draws or flopped flushes can form part of his range.