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HOP commented on: Woops, there seems to be a problem! Failed to charge and add subscription. Error: 7054
over 2 years ago
Forget it, it´s fine now.
HOP commented on: Woops, there seems to be a problem! Failed to charge and add subscription. Error: 7054
over 2 years ago
My subscription was canceled today, for some reason.
When I tried to input my credit card details again, that message came up.
HOP commented on: Member Session Review
over 2 years ago
Thanks for the review, really like the in-depth review style.
It´s also great that you give optional actions too as opposed to just giving a comment on what I did.

The J7s hand at 11:20:

I never do anything like that but for some reason I had a feeling here that made me do it though :)
I guess I felt that on such a dry board, if villain has a set or 2 pair, he´d prob just call and raise the turn.
At he same time, like you said, I would never raise there with a big hand.
So def not part of my arsenal so to speak, esp without any eq.

88 at 13:00

Very simple situation but really opened my eyes regarding the river action.
Check call was my intention but like you said, unlikely he value bets something I beat or takes this line with a bluff.
I tend to do this in river situations like this, I don´t like to thin value the river cos I´m afraid of a bluff raise and I have to fold. Which is pretty stupid, I don´t think people bluff there a lot so I´m def missing value from hands like this.

A4s at 19:30:

I was actually surprised too see that I took such a passive line oop with the nut fd, I usually c/r here.
Do you suggest a passive line also when we´re ip?
Is there a scenario where you prefer taking a more agre line with these kinds of draws?

T8o, A7o at 29:00:

Are we calling these here if they´re suited or only 3bet/fold?
Does it make a difference in NL25 where the SB is 2/3 of the BB, as opposed to 1/2, do you call more from the SB?

Thanks again for the review!
HOP commented on: Amount of videos per month?
over 2 years ago
Is there a certain amount of videos that you´re supposed to put out each month?
I counted 18 videos in total in June and compared to some other sites, it´s not a huge amount.
A lot of sites put out 2 videos / day but atleast 1 per day.
There´s only been 1 video so far this month.

Pretty happy with the quality of content however.
HOP commented on: $25 NL 6-Max Zoom
over 2 years ago
Thanks for the video!

A question:
At 5:09, why did you opt to fold JTs on table 4?
Especially after CO calls, don´t we want to see a flop with this 3-way IP or am I a complete donk?
HOP commented on: 2 Tables $50 NL Zoom
over 2 years ago
Thanks for the video, nice to see some small stakes NLHE content.
One complaint, the constant labeling and finding players was a bit distracting. Basic stuff when playing of course but not ideal to watch.

Not a big deal though.
HOP commented on: $0.50/$1 NL 6-Max Zoom
over 2 years ago
Nice video,

But I´m not a huge fan of recorded videos when you review your own play because the commentary tends to be quite results oriented since you know the end result, so you´re always right.
I would prefer a review of someone elses play on footage that you haven´t seen before hand.
Or your own live play.

HOP commented on: Hand Review ft. crushchessy
over 2 years ago
I just don´t think that Mr. Ivey is really a coach/instructor type of person. I´m sure when he´s discussing hands with Antonius and Dwan in private, they´ll analyze the shit of plays. But it feels absurd to ask Phil Ivey to review some random microstakes hands against unknown villains. That´s why he´s always saying in all of his videos that it depends on the opponent, it feels like he´s just so much more about feel and reads than analyzing HEM stats.
You have guys like Phil Galfond who are born teachers who analyze everything. Then you have guys like Ivey and Antonius who compete in whole other lever than others, guys who just have a gift for the game.
But are not that much teacher types.

But hey, how many times do you get Phil Iveys opinion on micros, so not too bad.
Just that this kind video seems more about wow, Phil Ivey talks about hands at micros than being actually instructional.