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imZEN commented on: Ivey League The End of The Road
12 months ago
Why am i still being charged?
imZEN commented on: 4-Bet Pots
over 3 years ago
Thank you.
imZEN commented on: 4-Bet Pots
over 3 years ago
Hi, I have a question and like some feedback. 30NL - Sky - No HUDS.
An aggro reg opens the button 2.3BB. I 3 bet to 10BB from Big Blind with AQo. He 4 bets to 19BB. How should I defend?
imZEN commented on: What's your play? -- 20NL -- 250BB Deep
over 3 years ago
Hey guys, my first post here. Would like some feedback on this hand I played last night on Sky Poker. As you know Sky poker doesn't allow HUDs so I cannot give you specific stats. It's all about taking notes and observing which I'm working on at the moment. I don't know much about playing deep stack except that you need to choose cards that can make nuts by the river.
Anyhow let me give my reads on the villain. He seems to be tightish thinking player, capable of bluffing but not over the board, tendency to check call light as in calling middle pair depending on the board, in a HU match between me and him on a 3 bet pot, I raised his oop cbet on a ten high board with QT and he jammed with AJo which I called. So he is capable of semi bluffing big. His 3 bets are merged so I put his range at TT+, AT+, suited connectors and broadways.
MY image is tight but semi aggressive. Haven't been seen to bluff much and have shown big hands OTR on few occassions. So here's the hand.....

SKy Poker - £0.10/$0.20 - No Limit Holdem

Seat 1: UTG (£20)
Seat 2: MP (£20)
Seat 3: CO (£12)
Seat 4: Hero (£70)
Seat 5: SB (£55)

Seat 6: BB (£50)

SB posts the small blind of £0.10
BB posts the big blind of £0.20

The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [Ad 3d]

UTG folds
MP folds
CO raises to $0.60
Hero calls $0.60
SB raises to $2.50
BB folds
CO folds
Hero calls $2

*** FLOP *** Pot (£6)
[Kd 3s 9c]

SB checks
Hero bets £3
SB calls £3

*** TURN *** Pot (£12)
[Kd 3s 9c] [Ks]

SB checks
Hero bets £7
SB calls £7

*** RIVER *** Pot (£26)
[Kd 3s 9c Ks] [6d]

SB checks
Hero ??

About the hand.
I called PF because I wanted one of the two deep stacks behind me to come along. I was sure one of them would call. Once he raised I have to call and see the flop. On that flop I was expecting a Cbet but surprisingly he checks to me. I ruled out AK or AA and put him on lower pair but was not sure. I bet 1/2 pot (maybe a mistake?) expecting a check raise with monsters and follow through if he flats OTT. I don't know if the K was a good card to double barrel but I stuck with my plan. He flats again and now where are OTR.

So my read on this player so far is...
1. He is a thinking player.
2. Callls light on suspicious boards.
3. He thinks I'm tight.

Hence my question...
1. Would you bluff this river?
2. If so then how much would you bet to get him to fold all his underpairs?
3.If you won't bet this river then what other favorable cards would you consider bluffing on? Any spades?
4. How much would you bet if an Ace came?

Thanks guys.
imZEN commented on: 4-Bet Pots
over 3 years ago
Very informative. Thanks.