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masp797 commented on: Ideas on How to Steer/Discourage Strategy Talk from the Table
1 year ago
Other than the usual sports talk, commenting on the waitress, etc. Personally whenever people start talking about ranges, etc I make light of it and say stuff like this is getting a little too technical for 2/5, 1,3, etc

Any brainstorming or ideas from you guys?
masp797 commented on: Live $2/$5: Sizing Flop Lead with a Set
over 2 years ago
You get value from a lot of 8x, flush and straight draws -- really, it's a lot more likely than not that someone will call with something. I'd go for a bigger amount like 60-65 because of this.

Plus if you trap, it's hard to win a big pot if the A,K,Q of spades comes down as they'll be too worried about the flush. The best outcome would be if someone bets and you check raise, but we don't know if the rest of the players are going to take a stab at the pot.
masp797 commented on: Live $5/$10: Continue CheckRaise Semi-Bluff OTT?
over 3 years ago
I like your flop line as well since the button's range is super super wide with both you and pre rzr.

Betting turn makes it hard to not give you credit for a 3 but if he has a 3 himself he will probably reveal himself to protect his trap But definitely a cool line.
masp797 commented on: 4 Bet on the turn??
over 3 years ago
I think it was played fine, you checked the flop for pot control and he was putting in money with way the worst of it -- if you were ahead on the turn you're most likely ahead on the river too. The fact that the turn brought a diamond makes it less likely he has a K when he reraises you there. Just a bad 2-outer.
masp797 commented on: NL25: TPTK in 3way 3b pot facing fish leads
over 3 years ago
As played, why not shove the turn now that CO is out of the way? A lot of bad rivers (obviously you got the best one) for you that kill your action from weaker Ax and onepair/onediamond hands.
masp797 commented on: shove on river?
over 3 years ago
Standard cooler. However I lead the turn to build the pot as AA-KK can check back for pot control some of the time, and because a river 9 or 10 could kill your action. On the same note, you also don't want to give AK / 99 / 1010 a free card to beat you.
masp797 commented on: Fold or Call?
over 3 years ago
the hand is standard and fine up until the river. you're either check/calling to get value out of busted draws bluffing or betting to get value out of weaker Kx/Jx/9x one pair hands that called flop and turn. Those same one pair hands are definitely not turning their hands into a bluff at these stakes so either a bet/fold or check/call is good.
masp797 commented on: Building Bluff Value
over 3 years ago
I don't like the raise to 3.5x being in cutoff --- it may cause weaker dominated hands like K-9, J-7 to fold when they are easily flatting those hands to 2x-2.5x raise and you have position the rest of the hand.
masp797 commented on: Poorly Played Hand--what's the best line to take
over 3 years ago
NewIvey's line makes the hand a lot easier to play and you have a lot of equity vs any overpair, set, etc. if you're called. As played, you set up him the way you wanted but didn't follow through on your plan ;)
masp797 commented on: Can i shove this turn?
over 3 years ago
Check/call is by far the best choice: you have good equity to see the river w/ the turned flush draw (but can't stand a big raise as you found out) Also checking here makes it look like you tried to CBet the flop and gave up, so it serves as a good measure for pot control if your opponent is trapping with a set/2p, and deception since your opponent will think his Kx- and all weaker Ax may be good allowing you to get a bit more value later.