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Poker Radius commented on: Poker Business Plan.
over 4 years ago
Perfect time to join Poker Radius! Connect with others players and with our recent partnership with Ante Up Poker Magazine, join the Ante Up message forums - the ultimate destination for discussing all things poker!
Poker Radius commented on: Poker Websites
over 4 years ago
I would suggest trying out the WSOP mobile app. Hands down beats most if not all online poker sites. You just can't bet for real $ - but fantastic place to increase your skill set and not lose your shirt!

Another site I would recommend trying is Poker Radius ( Shameless plug since I'm the CEO & Founder. Were not an online poker playing website but we are the fastest growing online poker social network (similar to Linkedin) providing a unique and distinguished networking platform for poker players at all levels to connect and collaborate.
Poker Radius commented on: Pocket Aces
over 4 years ago
Are there videos on KK? I think that would be a great idea.
Poker Radius commented on: Final Table Bubble
over 4 years ago
Doesn't the bubble boy at the WSOP main event get a free ride to next years event? Hope they don't ever drop that.
Poker Radius commented on: Poker Business Plan.
over 4 years ago
I would suggest building out your network as part of your business plan- its always important to always bounce ideas off of other poker players and poker industry businesses.

When you get the chance check out We recently launched and are beginning to grow into the standard poker player community, helping build strong connections with other players.

We were also just mentioned in ALLIN Magazine - (see page 71)

If anyone here joins, be sure to connect me with by searching for my PR ID # which is 1.
Poker Radius commented on: Poker books recommendation?
over 4 years ago
I would also suggest checking out How to Be a Poker Player: The Philosophy of Poker by Haseeb Qureshi.
He's one of the top mental coaches and works with poker pros to improve their mindsets, tilt less, maintain their motivation, and become more fearless at the tables. I've spent some time working with him and would highly recommend reaching out to Haseeb and learning more or even asking him strategy questions. He's always very helpful.

You can reach out to him directly at;