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snakerice commented on: Subscription renewal
3 months ago
Ivey League will not let me cancel my membership. It charged me another year and still won't let me cancel.

Anyone else having this issue?
snakerice commented on: $0.25/$0.50 PLO 6-Max
7 months ago
more please
snakerice commented on: The big $4.40 - ICM?
1 year ago
At what stack sizes do you min-open instead of jamming?
snakerice commented on: Massive Online Poker Bot Ring
1 year ago
Is low stakes plo on stars is still invested with bots?
snakerice commented on: The big $4.40 - ICM?
1 year ago
Final Table, 4 left

Seat 4: player1 (30bb) VPIP:33 PFR:25 3Bet:7
Seat 6: player2 (36bb) VPIP:19 PFR:14 3Bet:8
Seat 7: player3 (51bb) VPIP:25 PFR:20 3Bet:12
Seat 9: hero (11bb) VPIP:19 PFR:16 3Bet:9

Folds to me on button, and I jam 11bb with 33

Player1 calls with AK an I lose.

Was this shove wrong?
snakerice commented on: pocket jacks
1 year ago
Thank you for all the opinions! Appreciated!
snakerice commented on: pocket jacks
over 2 years ago
The Hot $22

Just moved to a new table. Only 2 hands of information so villain is unknown.

UTG+1 raises 2x, effectively $1200. 17bb is stack.

folds to me in Hi-Jack, I have pocket jacks with around 30bb stack.

I 3bet to $3500.

He jams for another 8k.

I call and lose. He had aces.

Should I have flatted preflop?
snakerice commented on: PLO Basics Part 2
over 2 years ago
Hi Chris,

I have been enjoying your content.

I have been working towards improving my 6-max plo game, and I do not play much full ring.
Is your content and ideas, structured more towards full ring games or 6-max or would you not worry about that?

Thanks for your time,

snakerice commented on: plo microstakes
over 3 years ago
snakerice commented on: MATH: pot odds and equity
over 3 years ago
Thanks ill try it out