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Sopsop commented on: TheStudent Coaching Reviews
over 3 years ago
I’ve had 7 coaching sessions with Victor so far. From the first session I could see that he was going to help me improve my game a heap.

He doesn’t miss anything, and systematically goes through your leaks and gives you advice and examples on how to get rid of them. I always walk away from a session knowing that if I follow the instructions and teachings given by Victor I will become a more solid player, fixing numerous leaks by the time we make it to the next session.

It’s obvious he has a very theory heavy approach to his own game, and he brings that to his coaching as well. Not only finding your leaks and showing you how to fix them, but giving you tricks and tips on how to do your own work away from the tables. This aspect of his coaching has been invaluable to me, as I’ve really struggled with studying the game in the past. And even though I’m still not the best at it, I know exactly how to approach it when I apply myself. Victor easily picks up on if you’ve slacked off on the study, which is good for me as I need that extra encouragement.

I’ve never felt I needed to question any of his teachings, as the logic he uses to back them up is spot on. After just one session your thought process and reasoning will have already improved drastically, and the more you work with Victor the more refined it gets.

Just by talking to him you can tell he works on his game a heap, and he had the same approach when he was playing at my level. He knows the 5NL game just as well as he knows his own limit, and I think by far he would be the best value coach out there, especially if you're just starting out.

I just can’t recommend him enough
Sopsop commented on: Keep getting error when trying to subscribe
over 3 years ago
Just re-subbed! Thanks very much
Sopsop commented on: Keep getting error when trying to subscribe
over 3 years ago
Hello. So my auto payments stopped last month, and when I tried to re-subscribe it gave me this error message Failed to charge and add subscription. Error: 7054. I sent an email to support over 2 weeks ago and am yet to receive a reply.

I tried again today as I read that the PayPal payment issue was sorted, but I still got the same error. I'm attempting to subscribe to the monthly bachelors with PayPal.

This is kinda frustrating, and if I wasn't getting coaching from one of the coaches on here I probably would've moved on by now. I'd really like some feedback ASAP
Sopsop commented on: PLO Basics
over 4 years ago
In your first main point about starting hands you mentioned the dangler example of AhJc10h2s or something along those lines. What is the dangler created a double suited hand (2c)? I could have just punched it into that online software you showed us in the vid, too lazy at the moment, but I assume it will only increase equity very slightly, but against certain players that is all you would need, right? I know I wont be able to help but raise if its been folded to me in CO, BTN & SB.

Ok my brain has just exploded and this could go on for ages, had another 3 questions but Ill leave it be. Watching this vid has really got my brain ticking over, I think PLO is what I have been looking for from poker.

Cheers Fox, looking forward to checking out your other vids
Sopsop commented on: $2 NL Rush Part 1
over 4 years ago
Great thanks for having a look, I'll look into the spots you suggested.

I have been considering coaching, will most likely start some in the new year.

Thanks again
Sopsop commented on: $2 NL Rush Part 1
over 4 years ago
Thanks would be great. Here are the stats

BB Def vs SB steal 40.0
BB Def vs BTN Steal 39.3
Flop Fold vs CB IP 49.9
Flop Fold vs CB OOP 80.7
3bet 4.9
Fold vs 3bet 49.2
Sopsop commented on: $2 NL Rush Part 1
over 4 years ago
Thanks Victor, thought I might have been looking into too far. Looking forward to part 2. Cheers
Sopsop commented on: $2 NL Rush Part 1
over 4 years ago
Really helpful vid, thanks.

Just wondering what are rough figures for bb/100 for specific positions for 2NL Rush/Zoom? After 60,000 hands I believe my UTG, CO and BTN are fine, though MP is 3.59 SB is -34.11 and BB is -43.97. I know I should expect the SB and BB to be in minus, but I think mine are larger then they should be
Sopsop commented on: $2 NL Rush
over 4 years ago
I'm only just going through your beating the microstakes vids but watching this really locked in the things you have been saying in them. Definitely a valuable video and would like to see more if possible.

Talking of goal setting, what is a realistic time frame for studying, and beating 2NL to move up to 5NL? I know variance can throw it all out, and if the studying is being done effectively, but what have you seen in your experience to be an average amount of hours needed to achieve this?

Thanks for the vids
Sopsop commented on: Beating Microstakes
over 4 years ago
Hey mate, great intro vid, has me pumped to check out the rest.

You may cover this in a later vid, but you touched on table selection and looking for fish, but if you dont have many stats on the players at is your main weapon just going in to an individual table and checking out stack sizes and watching how they bet for 5 or 10 mins? Does the 'players to flop' and 'average pot size' stats that the site provide give any indications on what tables I should be targeting first?

Anyways like I said looking forward to checking out the series, cheers.