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hey im 21 and im a professional online poker player taking advantage of the new jersey poker boom

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Tmullz commented on: Mixed Cash Game ft. Phil Shaw Part 3
11 days ago
phil ivey I need a 10k stake to grind the cash games and mtts in ac I'm gonna be the best ever please hit me up I messaged you my phone number
Tmullz commented on: ABC Poker
over 2 years ago
nice video man keep em comeing. would u make an 888 video just playing at the normal tables ever? I'm in new jersey so we dont have these kind of games online on 888.
Tmullz commented on: $500 SCOOP 6-Max Rebuy Part 12
over 4 years ago
yo your videos take me off tilt ty for this
Tmullz commented on: Small Stake NL Full Ring
over 4 years ago
Yo Zaza thank you for doing his please keep on makeing them and keep on winning
Tmullz commented on: $2.50/$5 Zoom
over 4 years ago
This guy has like 1000 buy ins don't question his tactics lol
Tmullz commented on: Light 4-bet rip spot in 100NL 6-max?
over 4 years ago
I don't recommend doing this ur better off waiting for jj plus here and just making it 33
Tmullz commented on: River bluff raise with second pair.
over 4 years ago
reraise pre or raise flop no reason to turn this hand into a bluff
Tmullz commented on: Sticky: About Ivey League
over 4 years ago
hey was wondering if I can make a 100nl video im a new jersey low stakes grinder
Tmullz commented on: Betting Patterns & Putting Players on a Hand
over 5 years ago
nice video I played with u at Borgata open I didn't even know u were a team Ivey pro lol