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vincenttafolla979 commented on: Experiments
over 4 years ago
Thanks for the video of Jared. I am a great fan of him.
vincenttafolla979 commented on: New coach
over 4 years ago
That's really great to hear that you are a pro poker player. I am also want to be a pro poker player like you or Phil Ivey. At now I am in a great training session in PokerZion with John Anhalt who is an idle poker trainer for me. Thanks for your guidance.
vincenttafolla979 commented on: Helmuth
over 4 years ago
We want to see you selfie with him.
vincenttafolla979 commented on: Poker HUD for Mac
over 4 years ago
Thanks for the post. I have used PT4 and had an amazing add on Leak Buster to improve my win rate. But I didn't play with any mac. Currently I am using HM2 and have the same add on in here. Recently I am going to play on a mac. I think you can contact with the support of PT4.
vincenttafolla979 commented on: Download videos
over 4 years ago
Yes. The videos are only for streaming.
vincenttafolla979 commented on: TheStudent Coaching Reviews
over 4 years ago
Vic is really a great poker coach as I know. At now I am reading an amazing book Poker by the Book by John Anhalt to learn more about micro-stakes. It has helped me a lot to improve my skill in poker. If i will face any problem then mostly I post them in forum to get solved. I will must follow the instructions of Vic. Thanks for the info.
vincenttafolla979 commented on: $10/$20 2-7 Triple Draw Part 2
over 4 years ago
Thanks for the video of Phil on this topic. I have watched the first part of this video and enjoyed a lot.
vincenttafolla979 commented on: How do I find my leaks?
over 4 years ago
I am using Leak Buster in HEM which is an amazing add-on in PT4 an HM2. It has helped me a lot to find my leaks and improved my skill also. You may be also helpful with this amazing add-on. Thanks!
vincenttafolla979 commented on: $10K WCOOP 8-Game HH Review Part 2
over 4 years ago
Thanks for the video of HH review part 2. I have watched the first part a few says ago.
vincenttafolla979 commented on: $50 NL Full Ring
over 4 years ago
Thanks for the video of Jared. It's really enjoyable and informative. I have watched an amazing video of him on controlling tilt which was uploaded in Leak Buster page. I am looking for more videos of Jared.