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Williamhawk commented on: Starting hands in 6-max?
15 days ago
Hello all,

Can someone deliver me some solid starting hand chart from every position to use in NL5 6-max cash games? And I also sometimes play some MTTs so some kind of FR starting hand chart would also be appreciated.


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Williamhawk commented on: Is this cashgame profitable?
15 days ago
Hello all,

Yesterday i played my first live game at holland casino. Blinds are 2/2, min buyin is €50 max buyin is €150 and the rake is 10%.

It feels like this cant be profitable in the long run eventhough most of the people I played with were loose players. They were limping alot and were betting in a weird way. They were not that good.

I did win some money but i am not convinced that I can turn this into a profitable hobby. What do you think?

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Williamhawk commented on: Material for what I need work on
15 days ago
Hi there,

I need to work on my BB play, reaching showdown more often, and calling 3bets. That's the 3 areas that need the most technical attention right now. Could someone direct me to what they think is the best material I could focus on to improve these areas of my game? I'm playing 2NL and 4NL right now, and eyeballing higher on one network.


I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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