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€10 NL Leak Finder

Video by mythrilfox | Oct 19, 2014

Drew reviews a session played by Puffeta19 with an emphasis on rake consideration at the micros when playing post-flop.


ClouD over 4 years ago
As a micro stakes player I found this video very useful. Having not played higher stakes yet it's good to have a professional opinion on rake at lower limits, which is not talked so much about by other coaches.
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alza21 over 4 years ago
Very interesting video, will definitely watch the rest of the series.

At 05.30 when considering a cbet w A2cc, I understand why you prefer checking from a game theory standpoint but don't you think there are enough hands we can get value from? I assume he will call with all his fd combos obv,gutshots, middle pairs and I wouldn't discount him having 89s, 67/78dd some of the time given his stats so far and the fact he is playing from a tablet. Having a balanced check back range is something I am working on lately (I am primarily a struggling 50nl player :P) but at 10nl I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially vs the particular villain in that hand.
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mythrilfox over 4 years ago
hey alza,

thanks. yeah, i mention in the video that if he's a raging fish that betting is better... as far as i can tell i didn't mention him playing on a tablet so i may have not been paying attention to that, & it does seem certainly better to bet vs a tablet guy
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Sopsop over 4 years ago
Great video, looking forward to the follow ups.

At the 30ish minute mark you said that calling the HJ's raise in CO with 77 may not be positive value due to higher rake at 10NL, have you had any more thoughts on this (or similar) situation since making this video? In your opinion is it an insta fold because of the rake factor, or play it as a case by case, fold vs rock, call vs fish?
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mythrilfox over 4 years ago
thanks. yeah, as tight as it sounds i think that's just a fold preflop b/c of the rake and especially because the opener is only 50bb and 77 loses a lot of value at 50bb relative to 100bb. if he were fullstacked i still think i would call but it's probably the worst pair i call there. seems v close
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Br3akingV3gas over 4 years ago
hi, great video! one question:
at 38.00 hero open BTN 2.5x with KTo, BB 3bet to 9bb, no info but he waas not full stack, you said that is typically a call.
Don't you think they 3bet too tight to think this is a profitable call?
i mean at higher stakes, with you skill i think for sure, but at NL10 i dont know!
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mythrilfox over 4 years ago
i don't know anything about how this guy or 70bb ppl at these stakes are 3betting, so i can't help you there. i only try to play defense in this spot (avoiding folding too much etc). i will say it's a fairly close decision for my ranges @ any stakes anyway, so i wouldn't fault you for folding (especially if you open tighter), but i would generally call
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