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$2,100 SCOOP 4-Max MTT Part 15

Video by Frank1The1Tank | Jan 17, 2015

Frank continues analysis of increasingly aggressive late game play in his hand history critique of nutsinho.


Skr8Flush over 4 years ago
Just got through the first ten minutes of the video and couldn't agree more with your comments.

When I watch videos like this one, I always analyze each decision before listening to the commentator's decision in order to help myself engage with the video and increase my ability to glean valuable information from it. For at least the first ten minutes, my decisions and reasons for making them were exactly in line with yours. I was actually pretty surprised to see a player like 'nutsinho' making some of those decisions, especially because he's obviously been more successful than I have at the game of poker. Anyways, really enjoyed the video and I hope that this means I am on the right track. Thanks.
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