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$30/$60 FL Omaha 8 or Better

Video by Phil Ivey | Mar 5, 2014

In this recent session review, Phil discusses the adjustments he had to make against an overly aggressive player heads-up. He emphasizes the importance of paying attention to detail while also breaking down his general Omaha 8 strategy.


ReneManzano over 4 years ago
instantly like before watching
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1followu over 4 years ago
i bet a thousand that nobody who has the masterplan plays this game regularly.
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lacoste19033 over 4 years ago
Thank you so much for the video

Respectfully, i would to make one suggestion. You don't need to explain the action, as that is what the video portion is for. Use the audio to explain your thought processes and reasoning and let the video content be enough for us to follow the action on our own.
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alexg113 over 4 years ago
I doubt many people signed up to this site for FL Omaha, when will we get to see you play NL hold'em? preferably live play ;-).
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squashyknave over 4 years ago
He just made over $200 in 2 minutes. What!?
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albin over 4 years ago
I signed up for this site to see Ivey make his mixed game videos. There are plenty of NL/PLO videos from other coaches you can watch and I also think you can learn a lot from his thought process regardless game.
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HOTSANDWICH over 4 years ago
disgaree with you im glad phil is making horse videos. Stud Hi please!
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HOTSANDWICH over 4 years ago
Wy do you want to watch Ivey play No limit? Watch high stakes poker kook
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andrewsong over 4 years ago
lol'd at not one of ur finer moments. enjoyed the video
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rh300487 over 4 years ago
Cool video but definitely would like to see NL hem video's isntead of PLO8..
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yawnkus over 4 years ago
plo8 is a game that isn't even close to mastered...there is lots of dead money out there
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W3irdo over 4 years ago
Superb! :)
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WilliamJLH over 4 years ago
I agree with lacoste, a lot of parts sound like a tournament director announcing final table action, still a good video. It would be slower but seeing a full table would be more helpful I think, and speaking on some differences between O8 cash game and tourney strategy would be cool. Looking forward to more mixed game stuff.
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jjiveyleaguejj over 4 years ago
Hi Phil

At 17:25, you call Qh Kh Jc 5s on Ad Th 3d 2c, getting 5-to-1. You have a tainted 9 outer and might only be drawing to half-the-pot anyway.

At 29:20 you comment that you plan to call turn if he bets. You have 6h 6d Ac 9h on 5c Kd 8c Qc and would be getting 4-to-1. This looks that a very thin call unless you plan to do something special on the river?

Could you please explain your logic in these two spots?
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jjiveyleaguejj over 4 years ago
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seek42 over 4 years ago
Feel like alot of spots in which you take a very passive line with decent draws/equity especially on turns when no low present then playing fit or fold on river. This is just allowing him to barrel off all his low draws which miss and all his high draws similar to yours which also miss on river.

About 21mins in you say you should of check raised qt on a kqt 2 flush board. I think this is always a check call and a cr is a clear mistake. If he just has a low hand he has basically no outs anyway. If he has any high hand its really hard for you to have any sort of equity edge and your hand is really hard to play on most high turn and rivers.

23mins in you check call q357 on a jt3 2 flush board (you have backdoor flush draw). I think this is pretty thin. All your 2 pair outs have really bad implied odds. 5 and 7 bring low draws/more straight draws/only bottom 2, q brings straight (not to mention any which complete the flush).
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donktard123 over 4 years ago
Is this video a level?
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