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Defense vs C-bets OOP in SRP Part 2

Video by TheStudent | Nov 22, 2016

In part 2 Victor focuses on the differences in wide ranges vs. tight ranges.


othd13 1 year ago
Very nice. Even i know need think about range when play post flop but this video make me more incline to fold 55-77 on board Ks6d2s when vs UTG open but call vs BU open.
Plus: i see this range you use defend on BB vs UTG now is wider than range you advice on your old video-beatign the micro)(this range very tight). can you update this wider range for player Nl25+ on next seri?
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TheStudent 1 year ago

Check out the pokersnowie preflop advisor if you want to go wider :)
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TheStudent 1 year ago
Also I guess I don't fully understand your question. Don't you have the ranges you want already in this video? What would you like to see precisely?
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