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Video by Cole South | Jul 3, 2014

Cole South reviews a recent session played by Apotheosis across 4 tables of $2.50/$5 PLO Zoom. He discusses mixed strategies, capped ranges, and the importance of taking your stack-to-pot ratio into account when deciding which boards to get it in on.


Apotheosis over 4 years ago
A few notes:

First, I want to thank Cole for taking the time to give some strategic insight to my otherwise strategy deficient button clicking!

9:42 He had A643 with nut diamonds

My 2.5x range was vs guys who I assumed to be non regulars and had high fold vs steal.
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jamie814340 over 4 years ago
interesting when you think just how dynamic the board is @ 26:00 (bottom right, top set on Q74Tr)

The only non board pairing brick is a 2. Makes for pretty horrible visibility come the river.

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jamie814340 over 4 years ago
Cole, how do you balance your SB v BB limp calling range? I noticed that (obv over a very small sample) we were potting strong, limb calling weak, however, do you just do this by every so often limp/calling an AKJ9ss against an aggressive player? Or limp 3betting an AAxx, maybe balanced with a JT89ds?

Thanks for the video. :)
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ezwinpoker over 4 years ago
like the vid a lot, thanks for Cole and Apotheosis!
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clericim over 4 years ago
Excellent video cole. I like the way you explain things a lot! Please make more :-)
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