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Poker Psychology

Video by curtains | Feb 23, 2014

Greg begins a new video series on poker psychology. He discusses the lifestyle choices for a pro poker player and the value of independent thinking.


1up luigi over 5 years ago
Great vid , I needed to here this.
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alexg113 over 5 years ago
really looking forward to the tilt control video
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beepokerking over 5 years ago
I wish i could be as relaxed as you about how much money i make. I think im still scarred from black friday, i do worry in 5 years it might be extremely difficult for anyone to make over $50k a yr from poker and will have a family and no alternate income, dont you worry about those things?
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gdg over 5 years ago
this is psychology ???
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Pato22 over 5 years ago
Wow this video was a big relief for me. Nice one
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ST91 over 5 years ago
This was an awesome video!
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GGio over 4 years ago
Really nice video! Flexible thinking like that is crucial.
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